Throughout the Elementary program, students are taught a variety of generic skills such as catching, throwing, rolling and jumping, all designed to improve awareness and hand-eye coordination.

As students move into Grade 3, they are introduced to an variety of team games. They get a chance to learn games such as soccer, basketball, short tennis and many more. Students also have the opportunity to learn basic gymnastics and movement skills. The skills acquired in Grade 3 are carried through Grades 4 and 5 and expanded upon. The enjoyment and "fair play" factors hold particular emphasis in their learning, as is the importance of team work and cooperation.

Sports Club where numerous sports activities, such as basketball, soccer, co-operation games, mini-baseball take place simultaneously on Tuesday afternoons. Also, the Elementary School has its own unique Sports Day each year.

Fine Arts

Our elementary program emphasizes Fine Arts through after-school clubs, Language Arts, and IPC curriculum. Students have many opportunities each year to participate in dramatic performances at class or school assemblies. Visual Arts classes introduce students to a range of materials & media, such as ceramics and print-making. Music classes foster & develop skills in performance and musicianship. Elementary students can also join performance groups such as choir, instrumental band, & strings.


Here is the Clubs page detailing all of the clubs on offer in the Elementary School.