Visual Art

Within visual art at Saint Maur, we focus on developing inquiry-based learning as a route to creativity.

Saint Maur Art-748.jpg
Creativity is often thought to be a ‘gift’ – you either have it or you don’t. This is not the case, creativity is a skill which can be developed; its basis is in inquiry and a willingness to pursue process with an open resilience to problems that you encounter. The true nature of creativity is one of engaging with the world around us, understanding, reflecting and re-interpreting. Creativity is more than spontaneity, it requires deliberation. At Saint Maur, the exploration of ideas, intention and materials leads to creativity in visual art.


To foster creativity within visual art, we aim to:

  • Provide a broad and balanced range of visual art activities to develop technical skills and understanding 
  • Present students with choices and creative problem solving tasks - to develop reflective and lateral thinking skills 
  • Develop student visual awareness and appreciation to engender an informed interest in the power of visual communication 
  • Provide exposure to specialist English language vocabulary for visual art (at an age appropriate level) 
  • Encourage mutual respect for others by introducing varied experiences from different cultures and traditions 
  • Through the application of learned art skills provide an opportunity for higher attainment across other curriculum areas 
  • Provide opportunities to celebrate achievement; developing student self-esteem through individual work, class activities and display