Summer School


Registration Fees and Deadlines

Pre-School and Grade 1 Headstart Summer School 2017
  • April: Early Registration fee   ¥10,000(Deadline 4/30)
  • May: Normal Registration fee   ¥15,000(Due by 5/31)
  • June 1-10: Late Registration fee ¥20,000 (Due by 6/10)

 June 10: Final deadline for payment of summer school fees (including tuition & registration)


*Registration fees are non-refundable under any circumstances. 
*Tuition cannot be refunded for withdrawals on or after the first day of summer school
*A 3,000 yen fee is applied for changes requested after registration has been submitted.

Simultaneous remittance of both registration and tuition fees can be made, if preferred. In this case, please complete tuition payment according to the registration fee deadline.
Note: The registration form must be submitted BEFORE any payment is made.

Please make payment to:

Saint Maur International School
Bank of Yokohama, Honmoku Branch
Ordinary Account#1131663


PRIORITY is given to Saint Maur students applying for the full day 3 & 4-week programs. Children not enrolled in Saint Maur during the regular school year are welcome to apply to our summer school program, provided they are fluent in English. Pre-school children have no language proficiency requirement.

If course enrollment does not meet the minimum number of students required, the course will be cancelled and registered students will receive full refund of tuition and registration fees.

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Summer School 2017 
will be offered ONLY for:

  • Montessori Pre-school children from 2.5 to 5+ years of age
  • Children entering Grade 1 in the fall of 2017 (Gr.1 Headstart Program)

    June 12 to July 7, 2017 
    (2, 3, or 4 weeks enrollment possible)
    8:45 am to 3:15 pm 
    (half-day possible for pre-school only)

We regret that Summer School 2017 will be cancelled  for 
Grades 2 to 12, including Exploration Week and our
Keio Academy NY Summer Program.   

This decision was made with the safety of the children in mind due to the extensive demolition of the present Gym taking place this summer in order to begin construction of our new Gymnasium/Multi-purpose Complex scheduled for completion in 2019.

Thank you for your understanding.

International summer school programs near Saint Maur in the Naka Ward area of Yokohama for children not accommodated by our pre-school and Gr. 1 Headstart Program are listed below:

Little Brown International Academy (Grades 2 to 12) There are 3 or 4-week sessions starting on June 12th and ending on July 7th. Online registration began on March 15th, 2017.

Yokohama International School (Kindergarten to Grade 12) There is one 2-week session from June 19th to 30th. Online registration began on March 28th.

The YC&AC Summer Programs: Summer FUN Camp (June 12 - July 7)  Please register for Camp 1 by May 19th, and the English Summer Camp (July 24 - August 18)  Registration opens on May 30).


International schools in Tokyo such as St. Mary's International School, the International School of the Sacred Heart, Seisen International School, ASIJ and others also offer summer school programs.

Pre-school and Gr. 1 Headstart Registration Fees

Early: ¥10,000 (due by 4/30)
Normal: ¥15,000 (due by 5/31)
Late: ¥20,000 (due by 6/10)
The registration form and the registration fee must both be submitted by the appropriate deadline.

Pre-School and Gr. 1 Headstart Summer School Registration Form

Summer School  Registration
All registrations must be made online. Registration begins on March 15, 2017. 
Please fill in the above form before any payment is made .