Math Field Day 2017

Byline: Andre Ito, Head of Math Dept.
Posted April 20, 2017

On April 19, 2017, thirty “Mathletes” from grade 6 to grade 12 attended the annual KPASSP Math Field Day event at Zama High School. Students worked in mixed teams with students from the 11 other international schools to complete in the Tech Challenge round and the Energiser round. The Tech Challenge required them to build the tallest tower they could using a deck of cards and a roll of tape, but the twist was they were awarded a multiplier depending on how much weight they could place on the top. The Energiser round has students running to grab problems and racing to see how many they can solve within a given time.

There was also an individual competition, and we would like to recognize the following students for their outstanding achievements.

Grade 6 Suejeen L (3rd place out of 39 students)
Grade 7 Anna O (4th place out of 50 students)
Grade 7 Luna S (6th place out of 50 students)
Grade 9 Jae Woo L (3rd place out of 46 students)
Grade 10 Pyokyeong Son (4th place out of 47 students)
Grade 10 Yilin Qi (8th place out of 47 students)

Congratulations to all of the participating mathematicians for their enthusiasm and representing Saint Maur so well!

Peter Chalmers, Team Coach Andre Ito, Team Coach