Results of the 2014 Robo Sumo Friendly

Byline: Matthew Rose
Posted May 23, 2014

33 students from 14 teams representing Saint Maur International School and Yokohama International School participated in this year’s Robo Sumo Friendly which was held Saturday, May 17th in the Saint Maur International School cafeteria. The teams participated in two round-robin matches during which the students had the opportunity to compete against each opponent and improve their robot’s design and programs. Then the top four teams from elementary and middle/high school faced off in a single elimination match.

The following teams placed in elementary and middle/high school:


  1. The Boblicos

  2. KSZ

  3. Robot Sumo MM

Middle / High School

  1. Infinite Loop Upgrade 9.9

  2. The Swagnim

  3. The Six Wheel Monster

Design Award

  1. Tyborg

The Saint Maur Robotics Club would like to thank everyone who helped make this year’s Robo Sumo Friendly a success. Thank you to the judges and score keepers: Mr. Payne, Mr. Melero, Mr. Rose Sr., Mr. Rose Jr. Mr. Hamada, Mr. Khorana, Mr. Mahtani, and Mr. Arumougam; to the Saint Maur maintenance department for their help painting the Robo Sumo boards; and to the Saint Maur PSG parents: Mrs. Tamura, Mrs. Ikeda, Mrs. Godfrey, Mrs. Sink, Mrs. Linde Arias, and Mrs. Konno for preparing the delicious lunch menu.

We look forward to seeing everyone at next year’s Robo Sumo Friendly which will be held in mid-May, 2015!