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Sensoji Tour and Taiyaki Making at Asakusa Guraku



  • Monday, January 16

Time and Location:

  • Meet at Motomachi station at 9 AM and return back to school around 3 PM.

Limited to:

  • 11 participants


  • Yuki Kim Hill

About the tour:

One of Tokyo’s most colorful and popular spots, Sensoji is the oldest Buddhist temple located in Asakusa. 

The tour begins with a trip to Sensoji followed by a Taiyaki making experience at Asakusa Guraku.

Taiyaki is a traditional Japanese cake, shaped like a fish. In this class, you will learn how to make Taiyaki from scratch starting with making the cake batter,  stuffing the cakes and baking them using molds. You will make 6 pieces of Taiyaki and can choose your own filling and toppings: vanilla custard cream, sweet red beans, chocolate syrup or whipped cream.

Detailed information about the class can be found here.

Fee: 3,850 for Taiyaki making experience.