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Announcement for Friday, March 20

Saint Maur International School

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Parent Support Group

Who we are

The Parent Support Group (PSG) was originally formed at the specific request of the administration for the purpose of assisting new families integrate into the school and wider community, and assisting the school in appropriate areas where its support was deemed by the administration, to be beneficial to the students and overall functioning of the school. All parents of matriculated students are automatically members of the PSG.

The PSG welcomes all parents to become active members of the school community and to be involved in the many activities and events organized and often funded by the group’s annual fund raising efforts. Those who choose to serve as officers of the PSG, specifically, as the chair, vice chair, treasurer, secretary, and coordinators of various sub-committees (e.g. Adult Enrichment, Sports, Fine Arts, Welcome Committee...) are all volunteer (not elected) members, who may serve in their respective positions for each academic year.

The role of the PSG is to unite, through its activities, the efforts of school, parents, and the wider community so that all, and in particular the students, can benefit from being members of a diverse international community.

You can access the PSG calendar by following this link.

We encourage you to get involved!

PSG 2018/2019 Year in Review