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History Bee and Bowl

Thursday, March 16, 2017

For many people in Tokyo, Saturday February 4, 2017 began like most Saturdays. A late sleep day, with a favorite breakfast leisurely enjoyed. Followed perhaps by a hot cup of tea and a gaze over the city’s skyline as the sun came up over Tokyo Bay. But for the Saint Maur History Bowl and Bee team, consisting of: Eugene Oharu, Lynn Stevenson-Hatayama, Haruihito Suzuki, Pyokyeong Son, Ellen Uchida, Rui Shimada, Hana Saeki and Subaru Sakashita, engaged in one of the most challenging and hard fought competitions ever, more was accomplished before 10:00am than most people do all day. The day started very early as the team boarded the train for the event held at the Lycée Francais International in Takinogawa, Tokyo. Saint Maur history scholars were confident even though they were pitted against the very best and most competitive scholastic achievers from the region in a grueling competition of question rounds that lasted the entire day and well into the evening. The very best students from Lycée Francais, the British School, Sacred Heart, KAIS and of course the highly competitive and well experienced International Indian School of Japan, featuring a History Bowl Asian Champion were in attendance.

By the end of the day after fierce cerebral combat, the Saint Maur Varsity team had defeated the finest teams in the region and had emerged with a hard won First Place trophy. Veteran History Bowl champion Eugene Oharu scored another First Place and rookie Haruhito Suzuki placing second in his first ever appearance at the History Bowl. Truly, it was an impressive accomplishment for both Eugene and Haruhito. The JV team scored an impressive second place. As the sun set over Tokyo, that cold February evening, the warm glow of victory shown in the tired eyes of our scholars on the homeward bound train, as they took the First Place trophy back to Yokohama.