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Bring Your Own Technology Program

Mac Lab

The Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) Program is available to all students in the Middle and High Schools. The program permits students to bring their devices (smartphones, tablets and laptops) to school and connect them to the school’s Wi-Fi network to support their learning.

For those students without a device of their own, there are 30 laptops available for checking out (by the period) in the library and a computer lab that is open to the Middle and High Schools during morning and lunch recess. (It should be mentioned here that the school has two computer labs (a PC and a Mac lab) that are available to all classes in all schools via the faculty portal booking sheet.)

As a device is a tool, we believe students should be given the responsibility to decide for themselves (with the guidance of parents and teachers) when a device is required at school to support their learning. Additionally, as some have a preference for Windows, and others for Mac OSX, we believe parents and students should be given the choice as to which device/platform they will use at school.

The purpose of the BYOT Program is to foster the following:

  • The skills and knowledge our students will need to be successful in college and graduate school, as well as to lead satisfying and productive lives. The skills and knowledge our students will need to be lifelong learners (one of the Saint Maur essential outcomes ). Current research suggests the following skills (this is not an exhaustive list) will be highly valued in the future:
    • Collaboration and teamwork skills
    • Oral and written communication skills
    • Information literacy
      • “... the set of skills needed to find, retrieve, analyze, and use information. ”
    • Technology literacy
      • “[the set of skills needed to] use technology tools to access, manage, integrate, evaluate, create and communicate information. ”
  • The ability to adapt to platforms and devices that are new or that one has little experience with. What platforms and devices will our students be learning from and communicating with in ten years’ time?
  • In the classroom, the design and development of technology-enhanced learning experiences.

The Horizon Report is always a good place to start for those seeking current research and analysis on technology and teaching/learning.

All parents and students are advised to read the list of recommended devices and FAQ, and are required to read and sign the Saint Maur BYOT Agreement prior to bringing their devices to school.