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Exemplary Alumnus - Yuki Kawamura Attending Yale University

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Yuki Kawamura graduated from Saint Maur in 2017 and currently attends Yale as a Yanai Scholar and Masayoshi Son Scholar. At Yale, he is researching mechanisms underlying cardiovascular disease and hopes to establish preventive treatment for diseases such as stroke and heart failure. He often shares his fond memories of the education and of the supportive teachers and friends at Saint Maur.

He says, “I am enjoying my life” as I decided to focus intensely on science to receive as much basic science training before I start learning clinical medicine and have to devote a large chunk of my time in training to become a competent doctor. As such, I have been taking graduate courses at the medical school on vascular cell biology and pathology in addition to my undergraduate courses partly in preparation for my simultaneous master’s degree. I am co-authoring three peer-reviewed articles at present, including one very comprehensive article of which I am second author which we plan to submit to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in the next week or so for peer review. During spring break, I will be presenting part of our results as the presenting author in a poster session at a conference. I have also started to receive training in protein expression analysis using human tissue at a collaborator’s lab at the School of Medicine earlier this month and have applied for an intensive internship at the Center for iPS cell research at Kyoto University in August to learn how to create “diseases in a test tube” which closely recapitulate the pathology in patients.”

Photo 1: With Dr. Shinya Yamanaka, Nobel Laureate in Medicine 2012 - he is one of my heroes and a role model for a physician-scientist.

Photo 2: with my lab PI, Professor Jay Humphrey in a photo I took for an article describing my experiences studying in the US as an undergraduate.

Recent Saint Maur Alumni Reunion

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Mini Saint Maur Alumni Reunion in Los Angeles

Century City Mall, Los Angeles - On Saturday, August 3, 16 Saint Maur alumni, former students, staff and their families spent over 4 hours reminiscing about Saint Maur and catching up. What a great mini-reunion! Chizuru & Izumi (1984); Eli (1990); Anne, Jenn & Mayumi (1991); Mark (2005); Sean (2007); Mrs. Okaguchi & Miss Kwan (1966) plus family members. Join us next time if you’re in the area!


Alumnae Dentists in Southern California & Texas

Is anyone looking for a family dentist in California or Texas? Look no further. These two young, vibrant sisters offer family dentistry at Narita Dental & Spa in Torrance & Costa Mesa, CA and at their third location in Fresco, TX. After Maki (Class of 1988) examined my teeth to offer her opinion for future treatment, Mie (Class of 1985), Maki and I spent several hours reminiscing about Saint Maur over dinner at the Rolling Hills Country Club on August 30. Please check their website.

Food Fair 2019 - Thank You & Raffle Seller Winners

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

The overcast weather didn’t deter Saint Maur families, alumni, friends and guests to spend a leisurely and enjoyable day on campus socializing , rummaging through Thrift Shop ‘treasures’, listening to the Jazz Bands and satisfying their taste buds with a wide variety of international foods and beverages on offer. The younger generation found their way to the roof playground to try their luck at playing children’s games.

A big THANK YOU is extended to the entire Saint Maur community, and to those who supported our biggest fund-raising and social event of the year resulting in yet another successful Food Fair. Funds raised, including the Raffle prize winning numbers, etc. will be published on our website as soon as the profits and expenditures have been calculated after this year’s extended Golden Week when external vendors, etc. are back at work.

Rest assured that all profit will be channeled towards the cost of furnishing our new Cougar Café, Activity and Sport Center. We hope you all had a very enjoyable day and will join us with your family and friends next year!

Raffel Sellers Winner

Whether it was the lure of the Amazon gift card for Y20,000 for the top seller who buys/sells over 200 Raffle tickets or the Middle School Student Council’s prize of Apple airpods, elementary and middle school students went out of their way to achieve an extremely high goal this year. Please congratulate the following students who were recognized and received their prizes at the “Winners’ Presentation” on Monday, May 6.

  • 1st Place (379 tickets) Reine (6G)
  • 2nd Place (265 tickets) Zoe (6J)
  • 3rd Place (170 tickets) Tatum (7F)
  • 4th Place (110 tickets) Daphne (3NB)
  • 4th Place (110 tickets) Jemima (3RB)

Thane Camus Ikeda, Class of 1989, Stars in NHK Taiga Drama, "Segodon"

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Noted bilingual actor and television personsegality Thane Camus Ikeda, Saint Maur Class of 1989, made a strong impression in the role of Sir Harry Parkes, the first British ambassador to Japan, in a recent episode of NHK’s annual “Taiga Drama.” On Sunday 2 September, Thane (who uses the stage name Thane Camus or セーンカミュ) appeared in “Segodon,” the televised biography of Japanese Bakumatsu hero Saigo Takamori. His character, Sir Harry Parkes, was engaged in tough negotiations with Saigo over Britain’s aid for the rebels attempting to overthrow the last Tokugawa Shogun. An amusing sidelight showed Parkes’ disgust when served “namako” or sea cucumber; in one scene, he promised British support for the rebellion on the condition that he never be forced to eat it again.

Thane attended Saint Maur in Grades 9 through 12, having previously lived in Singapore, Cairo, Beirut, and New York. As the only boy in the Class of 1989, he had the distinction of being Saint Maur’s first male graduate in 117 years. He went to university in New York and returned to Japan to follow a successful career in acting and broadcasting.


Passing of Sister Agatha Ahern on June 27, 2018

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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Sister Agatha Ahern passed away on June 27, 2018, in Ireland. During her many years of service, she contributed greatly to the overall success of Saint Maur International School, and was a well respected and admired member of the teaching staff and Sisters of the Infant Jesus. The following eulogy for Sister Agatha was shared with the community at her memorial  service on June 29.


Welcome to everyone gathered for the Eucharist in thanksgiving for Sister Agatha’s life – today being the feast of SS Peter and Paul . A special word of welcome to Sr. Beatrice, (Kit her sister), and to her many relatives, and friends from East Cork, Upton and Ballincollig. Father Tom Clancy is the celebrant of the mass and Richard the organist and Gertie will lead the singing. 

Agatha was born in 1924 and has journeyed far and wide over the years. She entered the Novitiate in Drishane in 1944. As was customary the young sisters spent a year or two in France and Agatha was in Montauban for a year before going to West Hill, London for training. Shortly after that Agatha was called to begin her missionary journey to Japan for26 years. She spoke at length about her time there and her many friends who still keep contact. Agatha spent 6 years with her ageing parents who needed companionship and care – this was a special calling when Agatha had an opportunity to catch up with family after her time away. She had a great love for her family and friends with whom she kept regular contact over the years and they with her. 

There still was another special call for Agatha. She accepted the invitation to join our Sisters in Upton who were then working with the Rosminian Community and Staff. This was a new challenge for Agatha to work with “the boys” with special needs. Change was part of our lives especially since Vatican 2 and with the closure of our Community in Upton Agatha came to live in Ballincollig, a small community which shared in the life of the people. Agatha was always keen to seek other commitments and was a regular visitor to nearby Nursing Homes. 

Agatha loved the sea and every year in Ballyferriter there were very few days when she missed a swim. One year as she dressed she could not find her Infant Jesus emblem- a silver cross. For several days in the month of June the Sisters searched the beach in vain. However in mid October Liam Tyres playing hurling with pupils on the beach, spotted the silver cross. Knowing it was something familiar to him he brought it back to Ballincollig and it eventually reached Sr. Agatha. 

In 2012 Agatha made a great sacrifice in joining our community in St. Joseph’s. Here she kept us up to date with her stories from friends and what she read in the Examiner. She was grateful for the care she received from our Staff. Unfortunately the old bones gave trouble and her regular visits to the chapel became fewer and fewer until she was bed bound over the last few weeks. 
W e rejoice with her in reaching her heavenly home. 

Ar dheis De go raibh a h-anam dilis. 

Who is Chiyo Miyako?

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Born on May 2, 1901, Genesis World Records has validated that she is the oldest living person in the world at the age of 116, just a few days short of 117. How is she related to Saint Maur? She is the paternal great grandmother of our alumnae sisters, Manami (Class of 2012) and Yuriya (Class of 2016) and lives in Yokohama. CONGRATULATIONS to the Miyako family!

Food Fair 2018 on Apr. 29th!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Saint Maur International Food Fair, which is open to the general public, takes place annually on April 29, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on campus regardless of the day of the week. With an abundance of international food and beverages, a variety of live entertainment, and the many other attractions offered throughout the day, there is something for everyone, regardless of age or culinary tastes.

Chinese New Year Alumni Reunion

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Alumni, former students, former teachers and administrators met for Chinese New Year on Saturday, February 17 at Manchinro Honten, an established and well-known Chinese restaurant in Yokohama Chinatown. Some enjoyed the school tour which preceded going down memory lane through buildings and admired the new additional ones since their days at Saint Maur. Looking at the smiling faces of the attendees it was yet another successful reunion enjoyed by everyone in attendance.

UK Reunion

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Monday, February 12, 2018

We were delighted to welcome 19 former students, teachers and friends of Saint Maur to join us for afternoon tea at the St. Paul’s Grange Hotel in London on January 28, 2018. Although it was a spur of the moment decision to hold a small reunion while Mrs. Endo and I were in London attending the annual CIS Teacher Recruitment Fair, from comments received, it appears to have been a great success, and hopefully will be the first of many more to come!

The span of Saint Maur generations represented, and the ease at which everyone interacted was further testimony to the bond we share as members of the ever-growing Saint Maur family. For those of you who may be interested in joining us at future U.K. reunions, please be sure to let Miss Kwan, our Director Alumni Services ( have your e-mail contact, as we would love to have you join us. 

Click here to see more pictures of the event.

Saint Maur Reunion in Los Angeles

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Monday, January 29, 2018

The Saint Maur Reunion on January 6, 2018 at the Torrance Marriott Redondo Beach (Los Angeles), the first ever outside of Yokohama, was a great success. Attended by about 60 alumni, former students, spouses and friends from the mid-1960’s to 2007, a few traveling as far away as Japan, New York and Minnesota, everyone seemed to have enjoyed reminiscing with old friends, meeting new ones and watching the slide show on the history of the school (1872 – present) and seriously answering trivia questions which followed. There was laughter throughout the evening, especially when memories of Saint Maur were shared about how strict the Sisters were and how they helped us to be who we are today. Many were curious to learn about all the innovations at Saint Maur; meeting three alumni (coeducation), listening to Sean from Class of 2007 play the trumpet (band program), speaking to those who had gone through the Montessori and IB programs (preschool & IBDP), etc. It was truly a huge Saint Maur family event!


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A big thank you is extended to all who joined us (even in spirit). In particular I would like to thank Marie Ruger Roper (Class of 1974) and Chizuru Kato Melendez (Class of 1984) who were the ‘guardian angels’ sent by the Sisters to help plan all the details of the reunion. Last but not least, Terry Jane Roper Kurobe (Class of 1974) whose sale’s pitch had most guests purchasing raffle basket tickets at the registration desk. We can humbly add $385 to the Sister Carmel’s Fund, thanks to all the generous guests and raffle prize donors. As Sister used to say,

“Charity begins at home”

Sister Carmel O'Keeffe (1918-2011)