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HS Girls Varsity Volleyball Tournament 2019

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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The annual Western Japan Invitational Volleyball Tournament is easily the time of season that everybody looks forward to. After school on the 17th of October, the high school girls varsity volleyball team travelled to Nagoya to compete with a total of six schools over two days.

Our first day came with a good start, with two wins in a row, first against Marist Brothers and next against Nagoya. The game against Marist was slightly worrisome with the initial score of the first set being 4-11 to Marist, but the players made an amazing comeback and ended the set with a solid score of 25-16. Despite a loss of the second set, the girls were able to play to their best ability in the third set, resulting in a 2-1 win. As for the game against Nagoya, just like the game against Marist, we started strong in the first set, lost the second, but came back in the third. Despite the deafening home crowd, we won once again with a score of 2-1. These two amazingly played games may have exhausted the girls for their third game of the day against EJ King. This game unfortunately was the first lost game for the cougars, with a score of 0-2. However, their final game of the day against Hiroshima was a great way to end the day. After a period of rest after their game against EJ King, the girls were able to refresh their minds, and played very well to come out with an amazing result of 2-0.

Our first day ended with a win-loss count of 3-1, making us 3rd in our pool. It was a great start to the tournament.

On the second day, despite losing our captain, the girls worked their hardest with what they had. Our first game of the day was a quarter final against Hokkaido started off weak with a score of 6-16, but an amazing comeback brought them tied to 23-23. Unfortunately, this comeback still resulted in a loss in the first set, as well as in the second set, leaving us with a score of 0-2. Nonetheless, it was an amazing game and the girls were able to play very well. Our final game of the tournament was against MC Perry for a 5/6th playoff. Our starting 6 did very well in the first set, and won the set. In the second set, the bench players were given a chance to play the set and played as best they could, although they lost the set. In the final set, the starting 6 were back on and they performed very well, although because the pressure was high and our opponent was on a roll, we were unable to win the set, resulting in a loss with a score of 1-2.

In the end, we ended 6th out of the 10 teams that took part in the tournament. Although the outcome was slightly disappointing and it may not have been what we were aiming for, it was definitely a valuable learning experience for all of us. This was the last tournament for our seniors, Yoko, Sophia, Karen, and Ryoh (along with our senior managers, Ava, Miya, and Miriam), but the juniors and sophomores who participated will take this learning opportunity and use it next year when we hope to be aiming for the highest we can!

Annual Sports Day Taking Place on Monday, 4th of November

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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Our annual Sports Day for Elementary School, Middle School and High School will take place on Monday, 4th of November. All Saint Maur families are cordially invited to watch their children compete in various games and competitions, as well as taking part in our yearly 'tug of war' to test the strength of our students and their parents. Food and drinks will kindly be offered by the PSG.

Japan Blind Soccer Association Visiting Grade 4

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Sunday, June 16, 2019

We were very fortunate to have the Japan Blind Soccer Association teach our Grade 4 students about blind soccer. It is their first time coming to an international school.

During the workshop the students learned how to use sound to navigate and the rules of blind soccer. Students learned that when sight was missing, our world becomes very different.  Movement and communication methods needed adjustment. Students learned the importance of proper communication, not just shouting words to others, but also talking and making sure the other person was listening. 

If you want to find out more about blind soccer, visit There are even workshops that you can join! In Japan, there are blind soccer games for the normal-sighted and visually impaired. It is a great opportunity to learn more about Paralympics sports and interact with the local community.

High School Boys Varsity Basketball Kansai Invitational Tournament in Kobe

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

We are very proud to announce the results of the Varsity boys basketball team taking part in the Kansai Tournament in Kobe last weekend. The Cougars won their first game against host Canadian Academy 57-51 and also won the second game against MC Perry (Iwakuni, Japan) 46-40 on Friday, 18th of January. We earned the #1 seed for Saturday's semi-finals and defeated YIS to play EJ King in the championship game. Unfortunately, we were not able

to come out with a victory against EJ King but I am very proud of every member of the team. Please congratulate the boys on their well-deserved 2nd place!

Overall results:

Day 1 

  • vs Canadian Academy (won 57-47) 
  • vs MC Perry (won 46-40) 

Day 2 

  • Semi-finals vs YIS (won 57-42) 
  • Championship game vs EJ King (lost 34-72)

High School Girls Varsity Basketball Kansai Invitational Tournament

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Cougars started off their first game against CA’s Falcons on Friday, 18th of January, with a solid first and second quarter with a leading score of 22 to 11 by the end of the first half. Their hard work during the practices paid off, as shown by their tough defense and amazing passes. However, the Falcons, being a very challenging opponent, came back with a strong finish and won the game by a score of 33 to 37. In spite of the result, the players played with fantastic effort, having it be a game straight after arriving at Senri and Osaka International School.

The Varsity girls in their second game on Friday against EJ King, performed amazingly despite a loss for their first game. After a team meeting in which they discussed methods for improvement, they dominated the first quarter with an astonishing score of 12 - 0. Throughout the entire game, they were able to maintain their skilled offensive and defensive plays, and ended with a score of 22 - 45. This win gave them the position of 2nd place in their pool.

A great start to our second day: the Cougars started off with a bold game against MC Perry. Although some girls were still a bit sleepy, they were able to perform to the best of their ability. The first quarter started off with some fantastic shots, which carried through all the way to the end of the game. Accompanying their great offense was their tight defense, which made it extremely difficult for their opponent to make baskets. With the final score being 38 - 17, this victory took them to the semi-finals! 

The Cougars' second game on Saturday was against SOIS Sabers, the host of this tournament. In spite of the fact that they were a tough team, the girls worked very hard to play well. The first half ended with a lead to us by one point, with a score of 17 - 16. With some 3 pointers, they played well in offense. However, in the second half of the game, they allowed for their opponent to gain their confidence, which caused SOIS to take the lead. Unfortunately, the Cougars were not able to win against the Sabers with the final score being 29 - 39, but it was definitely a great game, which will lead to an even better performance for the next game to determine 3rd place.

The third and final game of the day was against the CA Falcons, the team we played against in our first game yesterday. As we were unable to win against them on Friday, the girls started off determined. The first half ended with a tied score of 12 - 12, and both teams played offense and defense very aggressively. However, in the second half, the girls got a little tired and were unable to keep up the tight defense, which allowed for the Falcons to make some fantastic shots. The game ended with a final score of 16 - 30 to the Falcons, and the Cougars ended in 4th place. Despite the outcome, let us congratulate the girls for their fantastic efforts throughout the entire tournament. This experience will definitely take them far in the many games to come this season. Great job Cougars!

Middle School Girls Soccer - Clinical Cougars Conquer!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

This weekend at YC&AC the Mighty Cougars faced off against their rivals from BST and TIS and performed fantastically, coming away with 2 wins and one draw in our best result of the season so far. 

The A Team came out firing vs BST and dominated the game but just couldn't manage to put the ball into the net, shooting from too far out and making things easy for the opposition keeper. Finally, towards the end of the game the girls began to believe in themselves and really go hard at the ball and after great lead up play and pressure by Tatum and Milan, the ball spilled to Juliette who made no mistake and gave the Cougars the lead which they held onto for a well deserved 1-0 victory. 

The B Team faced off in their first game vs BST who were a solid and experienced outfit. Ye-Eun was a rock in the middle of defence, ably supported by Uma and Noemie. Our midfield of Akari, Mimi, Reine and Yoonseo battled hard to try to win back the ball and get it up to our striker Addisyn who was so close to scoring many times. Goalie Maria made some impressive saves to get us out of trouble and is improving every week. We gave up some easy goals in the first half, but kept battling away in the second trying to get back in the game. Akari showed us all the importance of never giving up and putting pressure on the opposition, running hard and forcing a mistake from the keeper to finally score her first goal! Well done Akari! Despite us having a number of chances, we ended up with a 1-4 loss. 

In the second game the B Team went up against local rivals YIS in a fiercely contested game that went end to end. Our positioning was fantastic as was our tackling and YIS found it very hard to get through the Cougar defences. Up front, again we had chances but just couldn't convert them and the game ended a 0-0 draw.

In the second A Team game, the girls put it all together with our back defence solid as a rock with Alana, Cailynne and Koyuki letting nobody get through. Our midfielders Trois and Juliette made lots of tackles and interceptions and fed the ball through to Milan and Tatum up front who caused the opposition lots of problems. Tessa was getting a little cold and lonely in goal with not much to do, but was on hand to clean up any time TIS did go on attack and despite an injured foot, conceded zero goals for the entire day! In this game we managed to make the most of our chances, with Milan scoring a hattrick with some clinical finishes and the score ended up 3-0 to Saint Maur.  We were able to send Caliynne off, in her last game, as a winner!

2018 Elementary, Middle and High School Sports Day

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

On Friday, November 2nd we held our annual Sports Day for Elementary, Middle and High School. It was beautiful weather and a fantastic day was had by all.
In the Elementary School Sports Day, held at Futaba Field and the Saint Maur Interim Gym, the champions were the Blue Team who came from behind in a dramatic victory! Students showed their speed, strength and skills in a number of team sports and individual events such as Tug of War, Benchball, Sprints and Javelin Rocket Throw! Well done to all the children who gave their best efforts, showed great sportsmanship and cheered on their team so enthusiastically!

In Middle School, the Grade 6 students supported the Elementary Sports Day while Grade 7 and 8 held Sporting Fun events at the Saint Maur Interim Gym and Peverley Place.  In the afternoon, the Grade 6, 7 and 8 homerooms went head to head in a battle for Middle School supremacy! Each student entered a number of different athletic events and at the end of the day, the champions were 8G. Congratulations!

For the first time in Saint Maur history, the High School Annual Sports Day took place in the Yokohama Country and Athletics Club (YC&AC). It was a sunny, crisp morning and High School students were in high spirits, competing against each other in events such as handball, volleyball, soccer and even bowling. Some highlights of the day included the Grade 9 students beating the Grade 12 in a heated match of volleyball and lively matches of handball which resulted in some bumps and bruises but no hard feelings. Some other highlights included the jump rope competition which challenges the students’ teamwork and communication skills. At the end of an eventful day, Grade 12 students came first, winning by a margin of 8 points. Grade 10 students came in second place, with Grade 11 in third place and Grade 9 in fourth place. Despite the latter’s last place ranking, they were awarded a special Sportsmanship Award for their respectful game play. The winning team was awarded funds which will go towards their Senior Trip. 

The Sports Day was by all accounts a very successful day. Many thanks to all of the student helpers, all the teachers and staff who helped to set-up all the equipment and run the events, all the parents and PSG who helped organize the refreshments stand, Futaba School and YC&AC for hosting us and of course to the students who did such a great job! See you all again next year!

Another dynasty of runners at Saint Maur?

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Monday, November 5, 2018

Runners who have been at Saint Maur for a number of years will be familiar with the name Novick. Brother and sister secured the top position on the Saint Maur Fastest Runners table in 2000 (Ian) and 2007 (Anna). While our coach Anna Novick is still at the top of the female list, Ian’s time was beaten by two seconds in 2017 by Ken Johnson who is now sitting comfortably at the top of the male list. Maybe not so comfortably, since this season saw the arrival of two other Johnsons. Ken’s younger sister Akari (Grade 6) and brother Jun (Grade 8). Jun ran in 2017 as well, but truly became a runner to be reckoned with this season. On several occasions Jun ran in the MS race as well as the HS race; for further practice and with a view to compare his time to Ken’s. Bad news for Ken, Jun beat his MS record on the 3.3km course by over 10 seconds! This is good news for us, though, as it promises some awesome, fast-paced races for the seasons to come. No doubt that supportive big brother Ken, who has been “attending” the races from Canada via Skype, will want to keep an eye on Jun’s times and performances!

As for Akari? With her 15’36” time on the 3.3km course and the motivation she has shown this year, let’s just say that Miss Novick (who is sitting next to me as I type this, on the Shinkansen to Far East) is worried that by the end of Akari’s Senior Year, maybe both names at the top of the Saint Maur Fastest Runners list will have switched from Novick to Johnson!

We are confident that Mr and Mrs Johnson, who are incredibly supportive of their young runners must be looking forward to the future with pride; and let’s not forget Ryo Johnson, who is only in Grade 2!

Externally Supported After School Sports Practice Options for Saint Maur Families

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Friday, September 28, 2018

Students can easily avail to some sporting activity after school. Here are the ones hosted at Saint Maur:

If interested, please contact each organization directly via their specific link.
Thank you!


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Monday, June 18, 2018

Hot shot Tennis camp

1st SESSION: August 6 - 10
2nd SESSION: August 13 - 17
(Monday THRU Friday)
TIMES: 10:00-12:00 OR/AND 16:00-18:00

Jinji Tennis Center is offering summer junior tennis lessons at Saint Maur indoor gym for students aged 6 -14 years old, and whose skill sets range from first-time beginner to intermediate players. All the students will learn body coordination skills, fitness guidelines, tennis rules, 5 basic shots, and how to play a doubles game.

Jinji Tennis is using the PTR Progression System, which allows the coach to manage the child learning process. Camp fee: 20,000 yen / per week / 5 lessons. The tennis lessons are indoor.

4 reasons to get your kids involved in tennis.

It promotes health and fitness for kids.

Tennis is a great sport that teaches children life lessons.

Tennis is fun, every child will receive tennis gift during the camp.

Convenient location in central Yokohama

Jinji Tennis Center at Saint Maur International School
83 Yamate-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan 231-8654

sign up at:

Mobile phone: 080-3576-1300 (Shai Gigi)

What to bring: water, spare shirt, towel, tennis racket, sports shoes. No toilets on premises.