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Contributing to the survival of the Albatross

Friday, April 6, 2018

May we take this opportunity to thank those of you who have been depositing used stamps in the box situated outside of the HS-4 classroom which is situated in the High School/office corridor. The stamps are sent to the R.S.P.B. organization in the U.K. who utilize the revenue from the sales of the stamps to support the plight of the Albatrosses. Please see the letter we received in acknowledgment of our support. Your used stamps are put to good use, so please continue to drop them into the stamp collection box.   

Dear Saint Maur School Community,

Thank you for supporting the RSPB and sending us your used postage stamps.

Here at Meridian Stamps we are working with the RSPB to raise funds for their Albatross Task Force with your used stamps.

Each year up to 100,000 albatrosses drown through being caught on baited hooks used by longline fishing boats in the southern oceans.  Ten years ago The RSPB and Birdlife International set up the Albatross Task Force. Working with fishermen they show crews simple techniques to avoid catching albatrosses. This work has already made a huge difference, but it is expensive.  Your stamps help us to continue this work.

You can follow the progress of the task force via our web site and share our campaign via social media via the facebook page: Albatross Task Force and Twitter @AlbyTaskForce  . Anything you can share will help us spread the word about the threats to this iconic bird.

Thanks to your support and promotion the funds we raise from your used stamps continues to rise every year. The ATF has been highly successful in the last decade, achieving a stunning 99% reduction in albatross deaths in South African fisheries. Seven out of the ten fisheries originally identified as seabird bycatch hotspots have now adopted regulations to protect seabirds during fishing. So, every stamp saved really helps!

How to help us process your stamps:

  • Please cut/ tear the stamps from the envelope leaving approximately 1/2 cm of paper around the stamp.
  • The RSPB and Meridian are both very grateful for all stamp packages but cannot always acknowledge your donations

Used stamps should be sent to: 
RSPB Stamps
PO Box 6198
Leighton Buzzard
Beds LU7 9XT

If you have any other queries then the RSPB Community Fundraising Team at The Lodge are there to help via 

Thank you again for your donation and for supporting the work of the RSPB. 

Kind regards

Mr O.  Rudd
Meridian Stamps Ltd
In support of the RSPB