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Creating Costumes and Donating the Profits to Children in Need

Monday, May 20, 2019

This term, one of our Grade 8 students, Yumi, had a chance to design and create costumes for an assignment in class. Her Drama teacher was so impressed with the costumes, that he wanted to use them for Drama classes and asked to purchase them. Yumi wanted to donate the costumes to school as she was not comfortable to receive money for them. That's when her English teacher recommended using that money to sponsor underprivileged children.

They found a boy named Lucky on the website,, an organization that aims to transform the lives of children living in poverty. Lucky does not have access to basic necessities such as healthcare and education. 4000 yen per month can cover these costs.

The money that Yumi received from the school was not enough to support Lucky, so she reached out to the Saint Maur community to donate some money to help Lucky. By last Thursday, Yumi was able to raise enough money to support not only Lucky but another child named Romina.

Below, you can see the sponsored children and the costumes that Yumi created and we hope that this story will inspire more students to reach out to those in need!