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Emergency Preparedness at Saint Maur

Thursday, September 7, 2017

As we take seriously the safety of all those who enter the Saint Maur campus, soon after welcoming new and returning students and staff to the 2017-2018 academic year in August, we held school-wide Fire, Earthquake/Shelter in Place and  Lockdown drills.

Each drill, which required different action and responses, were well supervised by our capable staff who followed the instructions given prior to the practices. The Lockdown drill required the students and staff to find a ‘Safe Corner’ of the classroom, or wherever they may have been, and to hide out of view from windows. Once the assigned staff had checked that all doors were locked, lights, to include computer screens turned off, and silence maintained, the “Lockdown” was released.

A full earthquake/shelter in place and a fire drill has been carried out, with all on campus having to evacuate to the Futaba Field, which, during the construction of the new ‘Cougar Café, Activity & Sports Center’, has been designated as the evacuation area for Saint Maur.

Thanks to the cooperation of all, the three safety drills undertaken were all successful.