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Congratulations to Mrs Kamata for her Ikebana Exhibition

Monday, March 12, 2018

Congratulations to Mrs. Kamata who once again celebrated another successful Ikebana exhibition which was testimony to the dedication and hard work of those ladies who exhibited a variety of exquisite flower arrangements.

Mrs. Kamata first introduced Ikebana classes to Saint Maur International School when she was the class Mother of her daughter’s pre-school class. She has continued to share her talents, skills and love of Ikebana with the school and wider community through the ‘Adult Enrichment Program’ which Saint Maur has been offering since before 1996.

We are appreciative of the time Mrs. Kamata has dedicated to offering Ikebana classes as part of our extensive ‘Adult Enrichment Program’ and for her quest to create peace and serenity in our hearts and minds through the unique beauty of flowers and how they are arranged.