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From Dress Suit to Wetsuit - Senior Trip 2018

Monday, May 28, 2018

On Monday 21 May, 30 brave Seniors and 2 scared teachers embarked upon the adventure of a lifetime called: the Senior Trip. 

On the menu of the three days: rafting, canyoning, hiking, singing, stargazing, a bonfire and a good deal of relaxing by the river. It was interesting to see everyone way out of their comfort zones, bobbing up and down the river, on or off a raft! We are well used to taking risks academically, artistically or in the arena of sports, but that was something quite different. If you were standing at the top of a 20-meter-high waterfall, with rocks at the bottom, would you trust the person behind you to help you abseil down? Well, our Seniors did! And that was just a part of the canyoning adventure. Get out there and try for yourself! (Canyons, Minakami, Gunma prefecture).

The Seniors overwhelmingly enjoyed their Senior Trip. After the high-octane stuff, here is to a successful run-up to their Graduation as their preparation officially starts tomorrow!