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Presentation "The Longest Swim"

Thursday, May 24, 2018

In 1998, Ben Lecomte swam across the Atlantic Ocean in support of cancer research as a tribute to his father. Despite being followed by a shark for five days, being stung by jellyfish, and being completely exhausted, Ben successfully completed the swim in 73 days.

This time, The Longest Swim will be the 1st attempt to swim across the Pacific Ocean. After his daily 8-hour swim, Ben will jump onboard the support sailing yacht “Discoverer” to eat, rest and spend time with the crew. The crew will mark his GPS location when he breaks for the day, and bring him to that exact spot to dive back in the next morning.

Meet some of the crew and support team including Paul Lecomte this Friday 25th May at 10:30 in the Saint Maur International School auditorium.

They will talk about the swim, but also about the various scientific experiments that will be taking place during this 6 to 8 months journey across the pacific ocean. The crew will use the equipment donated by 12 renown institutions (NASA, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution…), such as a net to sample plastic, and an advanced pH-meter to learn more about ocean pollution.

We are very happy to have the honor of their presence on our campus.

Their official departure from Chiba, Japan is scheduled early next week !

We hope to see you in the auditorium !

Learn more about the project and track the swim from