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Fine Arts Events - Call for Volunteers

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Dear Middle School & High School parents,

Throughout the school year, the Fine Arts department holds events such as Drama performances, band concerts, as well as the Christmas and Spring concerts. During these events, the Parent Support Group (PSG) helps teachers feeding the hungry students during performance like the Drama club, and provide concession throughout concerts. In this aim, we ask parents donate bake goods, snacks and drinks for the bake sale and lend a helping hand to run the bake sale at each event. Please keep in mind that all these are voluntary. The St Maur community is thankful for your support and your donations are greatly appreciated!

In particular, the students will benefit from a strong community spirit during the busy time. As the holiday season approaches, so do our annual band and Christmas concerts. Why not join your students and music teacher for a pre-celebration of the holiday season? There will solo performances, Christmas Carol, band music, and more! All proceeds from the bake sale is collected by the PSG and is used to improve our students’ educational experience here at St Maur. Here are the links for signup sheets.

On behalf of PSG, we thank you for your understanding and cooperation!