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Grade 4 and 5 students competing in a Lego Sumo Friendly Match

Friday, May 31, 2019

The 4-5th grade Robotics Club put all their knowledge to test at our Lego Sumo Friendly on Monday. The kids used their coding skills to write a "search and destroy" program where their goal was to flip or push the other robot off the board. 

The kids have worked hard all year to learn some basic coding skills. They started the year learning to make some fun things on Scratch; and then transferred those skills to Lego Mindstorms, where they have been building and innovating their design and programs to prepare for this final event!

  • 1st place - Prodigy JP
  • 2nd place - Nakshatrin
  • 3rd place - (tie) Samurai Blues & Miacha
  • Sportsmanship - Diamond Crystal Robo
  • Design - Boy and Girls Champions