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Saint Maur Cooking Classes for Students

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

On Monday April 1st, six students chose to participate in Saint Maur’s first ever after school cooking class for high school students where they learned how to make various types of Italian pasta sauces. These sauces being marinara sauce, bolognese sauce, seafood marinara, and creamy chicken sauce.* 

The students were grouped into pairs where they collaboratively worked to make the delicious sauce of their choosing. Throughout the lesson the students carefully listened to the head chef Mr. Dixon, and eloquently followed the instructions he provided. The sous chef Luigi Barrios, made sure every student was following the instructions appropriately. 

At the end of the class the students now were able to cook their own delicious pasta dish, to either cook in college or impress a date! Based on the words of Mr. Dixon himself, “The cooking class was a success!” 

Stay tuned for next Monday 1, where we will be cooking Mexican treats.

*Note: In “real” Italian cooking chicken is not cooked with pasta (something Mr Dixon learned recently), but it’s tasty anyway.