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Chemistry Lab Visit for PSG Bingo Prize

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

On Wednesday 10th April twenty one excited students from Grade 3 paid a visit to Dr. Suzuki in the Chemistry Lab. The excursion was the top prize for achieving a ‘blackout’ in the PSG Bingo and was won by a Grade 3 student. Students participated in a variety of demonstrations and carried out some of their own practical work. They learned about the importance of obtaining scientific evidence to distinguish between gases that looked the same. They collected hydrogen gas and found out that it burns with a pop sound.

After blowing into water with a straw, they found out that the carbon dioxide from their breath makes the water acidic. All students love snow but because it wasn’t a cold day, instead of playing with snow outside, they made artificial snow in the lab. The afternoon ended with a chemical bingo game. Each student randomly selected a small sample bottle of a colourless liquid. Dr. Suzuki’s assistant carefully added a few drops of a different colourless liquid to each bottle. For a few lucky students, the liquid turned pink and they won a small prize.