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High School Girls Varsity Basketball Kansai Invitational Tournament

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Cougars started off their first game against CA’s Falcons on Friday, 18th of January, with a solid first and second quarter with a leading score of 22 to 11 by the end of the first half. Their hard work during the practices paid off, as shown by their tough defense and amazing passes. However, the Falcons, being a very challenging opponent, came back with a strong finish and won the game by a score of 33 to 37. In spite of the result, the players played with fantastic effort, having it be a game straight after arriving at Senri and Osaka International School.

The Varsity girls in their second game on Friday against EJ King, performed amazingly despite a loss for their first game. After a team meeting in which they discussed methods for improvement, they dominated the first quarter with an astonishing score of 12 - 0. Throughout the entire game, they were able to maintain their skilled offensive and defensive plays, and ended with a score of 22 - 45. This win gave them the position of 2nd place in their pool.

A great start to our second day: the Cougars started off with a bold game against MC Perry. Although some girls were still a bit sleepy, they were able to perform to the best of their ability. The first quarter started off with some fantastic shots, which carried through all the way to the end of the game. Accompanying their great offense was their tight defense, which made it extremely difficult for their opponent to make baskets. With the final score being 38 - 17, this victory took them to the semi-finals! 

The Cougars' second game on Saturday was against SOIS Sabers, the host of this tournament. In spite of the fact that they were a tough team, the girls worked very hard to play well. The first half ended with a lead to us by one point, with a score of 17 - 16. With some 3 pointers, they played well in offense. However, in the second half of the game, they allowed for their opponent to gain their confidence, which caused SOIS to take the lead. Unfortunately, the Cougars were not able to win against the Sabers with the final score being 29 - 39, but it was definitely a great game, which will lead to an even better performance for the next game to determine 3rd place.

The third and final game of the day was against the CA Falcons, the team we played against in our first game yesterday. As we were unable to win against them on Friday, the girls started off determined. The first half ended with a tied score of 12 - 12, and both teams played offense and defense very aggressively. However, in the second half, the girls got a little tired and were unable to keep up the tight defense, which allowed for the Falcons to make some fantastic shots. The game ended with a final score of 16 - 30 to the Falcons, and the Cougars ended in 4th place. Despite the outcome, let us congratulate the girls for their fantastic efforts throughout the entire tournament. This experience will definitely take them far in the many games to come this season. Great job Cougars!