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HS Girls Varsity Volleyball Tournament 2019

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The annual Western Japan Invitational Volleyball Tournament is easily the time of season that everybody looks forward to. After school on the 17th of October, the high school girls varsity volleyball team travelled to Nagoya to compete with a total of six schools over two days.

Our first day came with a good start, with two wins in a row, first against Marist Brothers and next against Nagoya. The game against Marist was slightly worrisome with the initial score of the first set being 4-11 to Marist, but the players made an amazing comeback and ended the set with a solid score of 25-16. Despite a loss of the second set, the girls were able to play to their best ability in the third set, resulting in a 2-1 win. As for the game against Nagoya, just like the game against Marist, we started strong in the first set, lost the second, but came back in the third. Despite the deafening home crowd, we won once again with a score of 2-1. These two amazingly played games may have exhausted the girls for their third game of the day against EJ King. This game unfortunately was the first lost game for the cougars, with a score of 0-2. However, their final game of the day against Hiroshima was a great way to end the day. After a period of rest after their game against EJ King, the girls were able to refresh their minds, and played very well to come out with an amazing result of 2-0.

Our first day ended with a win-loss count of 3-1, making us 3rd in our pool. It was a great start to the tournament.

On the second day, despite losing our captain, the girls worked their hardest with what they had. Our first game of the day was a quarter final against Hokkaido started off weak with a score of 6-16, but an amazing comeback brought them tied to 23-23. Unfortunately, this comeback still resulted in a loss in the first set, as well as in the second set, leaving us with a score of 0-2. Nonetheless, it was an amazing game and the girls were able to play very well. Our final game of the tournament was against MC Perry for a 5/6th playoff. Our starting 6 did very well in the first set, and won the set. In the second set, the bench players were given a chance to play the set and played as best they could, although they lost the set. In the final set, the starting 6 were back on and they performed very well, although because the pressure was high and our opponent was on a roll, we were unable to win the set, resulting in a loss with a score of 1-2.

In the end, we ended 6th out of the 10 teams that took part in the tournament. Although the outcome was slightly disappointing and it may not have been what we were aiming for, it was definitely a valuable learning experience for all of us. This was the last tournament for our seniors, Yoko, Sophia, Karen, and Ryoh (along with our senior managers, Ava, Miya, and Miriam), but the juniors and sophomores who participated will take this learning opportunity and use it next year when we hope to be aiming for the highest we can!