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Last Practice for the Elementary School Kendo Club

Monday, May 7, 2018

Elementary Kendo Club enjoyed the last practice of the year on Thursday, May 3rd in the Interim Gym. This was a very special practice where we welcomed and practiced with 12 children from Namiki Kenyukai, a Kendo school run by Michishita-sensei (7th Dan Kendo Master). Michishita-sensei is the grandfather of Shion (Gr. 4), and has been co-coaching Elementary Kendo Club for the past 4 years. Unfortunately, there were several students who were unable to join the practice that day, but all 9 of our members wore full Kendo armor. Our students had serious looks on their faces as they worked on warm-up exercises, feet movement exercises, basic swings, and then actual strikes against 4 adults. After sitting in a line to humbly watch how our guests have bouts with one another, Yuma, William, and Loui courageously volunteered to challenge them. With many more number of hours of practice, the children from Namiki Kenyukai showed us the skills to make beautiful strikes on our members. However, our members showed good sportsmanship and excellent Kendo manners to accept the defeat. We are now determined to improve our skills in Kendo to play better next year!

We would like to thank Grandpa-sensei, as we call Michishita-sensei, for coaching us and organizing this special occasion, and to the children and parents from Namiki Kenyukai for visiting us, Shion and her mom for joining us on this day, and all of the Elementary Kendo Club parents who supported us throughout the year.