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RoboSumo Challenge 2017

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Saturday 22nd of April was the 10th Anniversary of the Saint Maur RoboSumo competition. This friendly event has traditionally taken place between YIS and Saint Maur, but this year we were pleased to also have Yokota Middle School, K. International School and Seisen International School join us too.

A total of 55 students took part in the event, making up 24 teams and playing a total of 142 matches between them. It was a non-stop fun filled day.

The sumo competition involves designing a strong tactical robot in both programming and engineering that is able to autonomously knock their opponent out of the sumo ring. We saw many interesting and unique designs, as well as some excellent programming strategies. Some of the most successful challengers were those who observed their opposition and then amended their programming to strategically attack.

The following teams ranked in the competition:

Middle School

  1. Yokota Take That L - Richard S, Stuart G, Kalasia M, Suzuno K
  2. Saint Maur Pain Train - Ross W and Yoshito F
  3. Yokota Mr Dubs - Wyatt R, Marcus B

Elementary School

  1. Saint Maur Sumobot - Kohya W and Kenta F
  2. Saint Maur Fire Skull Master - Luc L and Victor B
  3. Saint Maur G.E Hothead Dragon Robot - Edward T and Gleb I

We would like to give a huge thank you to all that helped on the day.

High School Robotics students: Julian K, John C and Clara T. These 3 ensured the smooth running of the day, looking after our guests, helping them with programming and engineering, collecting teams for their matches and timekeeping. As well as the morale and team ethics boosts they gave when students faced losses or robot damage in the ring.

Thank you to our photographers Takahiko Kaneko and Mr Kobayashi for giving up your Saturday to document our event and share with all the proud parents, students and coaches involved.

Thank you to Cezars Kitchen for providing the catering for the day. Offering a range of snacks and refreshments for our guests, plus a very well received burger lunch to some very hungry competitors.

Thank you to Mandip Khorana, one of the founders of Robotics at Saint Maur. He helped as our charismatic master of ceremonies and his encouragement and support has been gladly received.

Thank you to the coaches, Kumar Mahtani, Michael Palagi and Jamie Payne, who show up every week to offer robotics to our students.

Thank you to Gilles Guary for his hard work in organising and managing all the scoring. Not an easy job with the number of matches and teams to be monitored and recorded.

Please join me in congratulating all those involved. If you are interested in competing in next years competition then please join us for Robotics Club in the next academic year.