School Access

Accessing the school campus from Tokyo and Yokohama

Please click on the following link to print or view a map showing how to access the school from the Greater Tokyo Area.

If you are walking from Motomachi Chukagai Station (Minatomirai Line), please use this map.

If you are coming to Saint Maur by Taxi, please show this to the Taxi Driver.


元町・中華街駅からの場合 (From Motomachi-Chukagai Station)



「 雙葉小学校入口」の信号を左折し直進

JR石川町駅南口からの場合 (From South Exit of JR Ishikawa-cho Station) 




1つ目の信号「 雙葉小学校入口」を右折し直進

右手正面に 雙葉小学校が見えたら止めてください。当校の正門は左側にあります。 領収書をお願いします。ありがとうございました。

Accessing the school campus

Please use the map provided here as reference for the various access points to the campus.

The Main Gate of the school (blue marker) is accessible by the 115 Futaba steps (purple marker), the stairs adjacent to Futaba Elementary School (red marker) and the road between the Futaba High School building and the field (yellow marker).

Students and families must use public transportation and/or walk or bike to school. During the construction of our new gym which is expected to open in the Spring of 2022, there is an option for an off-campus pick-up and drop-off point for Montessori and Grade 1 students.

If you use the train

Keihin Tohoku & Yokohama Lines

  • From Yamate station walk or ride the #20 bus to Myoukouji Mae (妙香寺前) stop
  • From Sakuragi-cho station, ride #11 bus to Motomachi Koen Mae (元町公園前) next to Bluff Clinic
  • From Ishikawa-cho station, walk

Minato Mirai Line

  • From Motomachi-chukagai station, use the Motomachi Exit to go to America-Yama Park and walk to school

If you use bicycles

Parents are to park bicycles at the rear of the Elementary School classrooms, behind the main building. Parents who plan to be on campus beyond 10 a.m. should park their bicycles in the front of the Main Building where students park their bicycles.

Bicycles parked in any other public area (in front of the apartments or on the street or in Kirin Park) may be confiscated by the Police and must not be parked there.

Montessori and Grade 1 After School Off-Campus Pick Up Point

Pick up and drop off location:  The far corner of Honmoku Izumi Park (refer to the map below). Parents are reminded that should they not be there to pick up their child(ren) during the specified time, then their child(ren) will be brought back to school, to be picked up by parents there.

*Parents will not be able to drive into school to drop off children. Additionally, parents will not be able to park on the side of the roads around school.