Saint Maur Charity Committee

The principles of solidarity and mutual aid are deeply rooted within the foundation of Saint Maur International School.

“The Art of Giving”

saint maur charity committee logoThe whole school community, including parents, faculty and students are actively involved in finding ways to support others. For some students and teachers, this is an integral part of their curricula and daily lives.

Since its foundation as an international Catholic school, Saint Maur International School staff have always supported parents and students when needing help supporting causes which they believe in. There is a long history of generosity that is in everyone’s DNA across the whole school community. Each person who arrives at Saint Maur International School feels carried by this movement of generosity and it is our intention to strengthen it.

Now is the time to go further to showcase the impact of our community and above all, to set an example for our children and students. All the difficult times in the past, from natural disasters to harsh winters, have increased our awareness that the help we provide to those less fortunate in our community and beyond is of utmost importance. Solidarity must be the keyword to care for one another.

The mission of the Saint Maur Charity Committee will be to further strengthen the impact of our actions across the whole school, from fostering initiatives by our pupils to relaying these actions to our parent body who want to get involved and be supportive. From now on, all our efforts must be better coordinated as a collaborative effort to help those in need. The humanitarian commitment that we deploy must be structured, prioritized and supervised in order to reach success.

In short, the Saint Maur Charity Committee will be your ally in all your charity actions!

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Sakura Pop Up

The Saint Maur Charity Committee invites you to its fourth Yokohama Pop-Up Sale!

Featuring hand-picked small businesses from Yokohama and Tokyo, theSakuraPop-Upoffers an exclusive opportunity to purchase unique artisanal products while interacting with the artists and learning more about the craftsmanship behind each item. The sale features a wide array of products from jewelry to art, handmade Kumiko screens, exclusive wines to home decor pieces.

20% of all sales will be donated to the Saint Maur Charity Committee to help them help others in need, locally and globally! Follow theSakuraPop-Upon social media for more information on each vendor. This event is open to the public - come and bring your friends and shop for a good cause!

We hope to see you there! Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by email at


Co-Chairs: Varsha Rangwani & Hamilton Dias

Co Chairs

Supporting Team: Rosina Mansson, Severine Leclerq, Parah Fishburn

Supporting Team

Liaison & Treasurer: Akko Maki & Juli Harrington




  • Varsha Rangwani
  • Hamilton Dias

Fundraising & Donors Managers:

  • Varsha Rangwani
  • Christina Fürstenau
  • Rosina Mansson

Public Relations:

  • Christina Fürstenau

Partnership Management:

  • Students and teachers (part of curriculum or CAS)

Charity Coordinators:

  • Akko Maki
  • Parah Fishburn
  • Severine Leclercq


  • Juli Harrington

Student Liaison:

  • Rachael de-Bourne
  • Hamilton Dias
  • Nicolas Gregoriades
  • Juli Harrington

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