Learning & Emotional Support

Any student may need support at some point during their school life. Our pastoral team offers a number of ways to meet their learning and emotional needs.

Learning Support

An aim of our Learning Support is to help make each student’s learning experience worthwhile in conjunction with our academically high standards.

Students at Saint Maur International School come from culturally diverse backgrounds with a wide range of abilities. We have a small percentage of students with special learning needs and we recognize that these children need more support of a specific nature in order to access the school curriculum.

The Learning Support team provides students with a nurturing, carefully structured learning environment designed to accommodate each individual's learning needs. The Learning Support Coordinator plans the support for each student in close consultation with the Learning Support Committee, classroom/subject teachers, and parents. An individual educational plan (IEP) or intervention plan is created to track student progress and developments. Frequent review meetings, involving all relevant parties, also aid in tracking progress.

Even though the availability of our special needs services is limited, we still offer a range of support to help each student succeed; for example, there is the After School Academic Support Program. This is a free tutoring service where various subject teachers offer their expertise to students after school each week day.

Also, to keep track of students’ progress and prevent them from falling behind, we have the Advisory Program. Each Secondary School homeroom is assigned an advisory teacher who works with students and parents to provide that extra push in assessment tasks. All teachers and staff at Saint Maur International School are committed to working in collaboration with parents and, when necessary, external agencies to develop the most appropriate program of education for each student.

Emotional Support & Personal Counseling

Saint Maur gives close attention in providing excellent care for the social and emotional well-being of students.

The school acknowledges that life can sometimes present a different set of challenges and difficulties; and anyone can get ‘stressed out’ and experience distress at times. At times like these, perhaps a bit of help and support from others can make a huge difference.

Under the school leadership, all staff members are involved in the well-being of students to a various degree and on different levels. Our on-staff bilingual (in English and Japanese) counselor is available and is committed to assisting and supporting students in resolving and overcoming any concerns, issues, or challenges they may have that are affecting their personal lives. In so doing, the counselor works closely with students and offers a safe and supportive environment where they can freely express themselves without having to worry about the consequences and where their privacy will be treated with utmost respect and care.

Referrals can be made by the teacher, the parent or the student him or herself. Depending on the needs and situation, an individual, group, parent, or family session can be arranged. Students are also encouraged and welcome to stop by and share their happy moments and delightful experiences with the counselor at his office. Parents are also encouraged to contact the counselor if they have any concerns in relation to their child. If deemed appropriate, a referral to an outside counseling agency can be made.