Science Department

We train the new generation of scientists with a strong curriculum and ambitious labs, as well as opportunities to interact with world-class researchers.

About us

Developing Clear Thinking and Lifelong Skills

The Science Department aims to cater for the unique scientific needs of each Saint Maur student. Whether the ultimate aim of students is to gain entrance to study the Sciences at top level Universities or simply to be able to make informed choices on the scientific issues that affect their lives, the Science staff provides them with the tools that they need to be successful.

Strong Curriculum

We provide students with a rigorous Science curriculum that is vertically articulated from Grade 6 to 12. High School students are examined accorgint to the IGCSE Combined Science and IB Science curricula.

The Science Center

A state-of-the-art building completed in 2011 with over 450 m2 dedicated to the teaching of Science and Technology.

Science Center

State-of-the-art building completed in 2011. Four full-time labs, one prep. room, emergency showers...

Physics Lab

Work benches for up to 16 students...


Powered via a set of solar panels installed on the building's roof.

Chemistry Lab

Work benches for up to 16 students, fume hood, 5 sinks, Bunsen burners...

Biology Lab

Work benches for up to 16 students, 4 sinks, Bunsen burners, microscopes...

Robotics Lab

Work movable benches for up to 16 students, robotics storage room, extensive power supplies...


Our teaching team is composed of experts in their own scientific field with academic credentials from top universities and for several of them, research experience.

Dr<br />Suzuki
IGCSE / IB ChemistryDr
Dr<br />Erard
IGCSE / IB BiologyDr
Ms<br />Kawamura
IGCSE / IB PhysicsMs
Ms<br />Novick
MS Science / IB BiologyMs
Mr<br />Canon
Contemp. ScienceMr
Mr<br />Dias

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