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Fine Arts

Saint Maur is home to a prosperous fine arts program. Our world-class Fine Arts Center houses our acclaimed Music, Drama, and Visual Arts Departments.

Our visual arts program produces numerous on and off-campus exhibits; our drama program stages several productions each year; and our award-winning music ensembles have performed across Japan and Europe. Students at Saint Maur are encouraged to explore, create, and innovate, and each child has robust opportunities to expand and present their skills and talents through the arts.

Students develop basic skills in speech and drama in the Language Arts curriculum in the Elementary School, and are given opportunities to perform on stage in assemblies. The formal study of drama at Saint Maur begins in Grade 6.

Middle School

In the first year of Middle School, students develop their own short dramatic presentation as skills of voice and movement are reinforced. In Grade 7, students are introduced to script analysis and develop a performance based on a drama text. This is also when they are introduced to the resources in our control room, as they are encouraged to consider how the stagecraft elements can enhance the performance of a drama text. From Grade 8 to Grade 10, students have the option of continuing their study of drama at a higher level. The Grade 8 options course lasts for one year and entails a more formal study of voice and physicality. In the second semester, students mount a production for performance

High School & Advanced Study

By Grades 9 and 10, students have the opportunity to delve even deeper into their study of drama by taking the IGCSE Drama course. Accredited by Cambridge International Examinations, this course requires students to develop one solo and two group performances which are submitted to examiners in the United Kingdom. In addition, students must study a drama text in detail and develop further dramatic material from three stimuli in preparation for a written examination at the end of Grade 10.  Some students choose to continue their study of drama through the IB Literature and Performance course in Grades 11 and 12. In this interdisciplinary course, students study a wide range of literary texts and adapt them into their own original stage performances. The course looks at the interplay between literature and theatrical performance and provides students a creative way of studying works of literature.

Clubs & Beyond

In addition to the formal courses offered in Grades 6 through 12, the Drama Department also offers opportunities for students to act, direct, stage manage, or design stagecraft elements for productions through participation in either the Middle School or High School drama clubs, both of which create one full production a year. The High School drama club tackles challenging work, alternating between new interpretations of classical works and contemporary theatre. On top of this, there are also opportunities for students to showcase their acting skills within the framework of the KPASS Speech Contest, an annual event involving all international schools in the Kanto Plain area. Several students have continued their study of drama after leaving Saint Maur and are now working professionally in performing arts industries.

The Music Department at Saint Maur provides opportunities for all student to learn, perform, and appreciate music.

Throughout Grades 1 to 4, students study music fundamentals in a classroom course, while Grades 5 through 8 participate in an instrumental program. Upon entering High School, students have options in IGCSE Music and IB Music, offered at both standard and higher levels. Whether singing, studying instruments, exploring cultural genres, or using cutting edge software to compose their own works, all Saint Maur students are enabled to learn, grow, and achieve through the medium of music.

Extracurricular & Performance Groups

Our music clubs and ensembles are rich and varied, and accessible for all levels of age, experience, and interest. From beginning and elementary groups, to our acclaimed Senior and Jazz Bands, there are plenty of opportunities for students to be involved in music at Saint Maur!

Instrumental & Vocal Tuition Program

Lessons are scheduled after school each day which include the following:

Piano, Voice, Violin, Viola, Cello, String Bass, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe & Bassoon, Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, French Horn, and Percussion (Drum Kit & Concert Percussion).

More information

Please visit the Music Department website for more news and information.

Within visual art at Saint Maur, we focus on developing inquiry-based learning as a route to creativity.

Creativity is often thought to be a ‘gift’ – you either have it or you don’t. This is not the case, creativity is a skill which can be developed; its basis is in inquiry and a willingness to pursue process with an open resilience to problems that you encounter. The true nature of creativity is one of engaging with the world around us, understanding, reflecting and re-interpreting. Creativity is more than spontaneity, it requires deliberation. At Saint Maur, the exploration of ideas, intention and materials leads to creativity in visual art.


To foster creativity within visual art, we aim to:

  • Provide a broad and balanced range of visual art activities to develop technical skills and understanding 
  • Present students with choices and creative problem solving tasks - to develop reflective and lateral thinking skills 
  • Develop student visual awareness and appreciation to engender an informed interest in the power of visual communication 
  • Provide exposure to specialist English language vocabulary for visual art (at an age appropriate level) 
  • Encourage mutual respect for others by introducing varied experiences from different cultures and traditions 
  • Through the application of learned art skills provide an opportunity for higher attainment across other curriculum areas 
  • Provide opportunities to celebrate achievement; developing student self-esteem through individual work, class activities and display


Students develop and explore their visual art vocabulary whilst acquiring skills across a range of approaches to image making in the following areas: drawing, painting, graphic design, 3D work, collage, printmaking, photography, fashion and textiles.

Across both the Middle and High School programs, there is a focus on skill acquisition and the application of reflective thinking. Students are encouraged to perceive the world with open inquiring minds and to make informed personal choices as they progress though each stage of their program.

Middle School

Within the Middle School program, we foster strong links with drama. Students explore a range of media and approaches with a view to establishing a core skills base with which to progress into HS study. Grades 6 and 7 Visual Art is a mandatory subject for all students, while in Grade 8, students elect to study Visual Art.

Students are provided with: the tools of inquiry - promoted through a culture of reflection and discussion; clear guidelines - to follow, to challenge then to move beyond; the opportunity to learn new skills, and the encouragement to ‘test their limits.’

High School

HS visual art is elective study; students in Grades 9 and 10 work towards the University of Cambridge IGCSE Art & Design qualification, progressing into IB Visual Art for students electing study at Grades 11 and 12.

Students are supported in their preparations for application to specialist study in visual art including subject specific careers guidance and portfolio preparation.


Currently there are three art clubs held within visual art:

  • Film Club meeting on a weekly basis, students meet to view genre selected films applying critical and cultural understanding to better appreciate the language of film.
  • MS/HS Art Club a club where students have the option of either following a program of study which includes animation, fashion, illustration, manga, painting and sculpture or developing their own particular interests in the subject with specialist support.
  • SACHI (Society of Artists Committed to Helping Individuals) Art Club a HS art club where students are involved in promoting social issues, supporting charitable causes and providing a visual arts service for the good of the community.


Graduate students have been accepted to study a variety of specialist subject areas including Architecture, Applied Design, Graphic Design and Advertising, Costume for Film & Television, Fashion Design, Film, Digital Arts & New Media, Illustration, Studio and Fine Arts, at a wide variety of visual art centers including:

United States of America

  • California Institute of the Arts
  • Emmanuel College, Boston
  • College of Art & Design
  • Otis College of Art & Design
  • Parsons New School for Design
  • Pratt Institute
  • Rhode Island School of Design
  • Ringling College of Art & Design
  • Savannah College of Art & Design
  • School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Art Institute of Chicago 


  • University of Alberta Art & Design 
  • University of Manitoba School of Art 


  • UAC: University of the Arts College, Bournemouth, UK (formerly Arts Institute of Bournemouth)
  • Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Architecture, France
  • Edinburgh College of Art, UK
  • Glasgow School of Art, UK
  • Kingston University, UK
  • University of the Creative Arts, UK
  • Saint Martins College of Art & Design, UK 

Fine Arts Center

All fine arts classes are taught within our beautiful Fine Arts Center. Constructed in 1998, it is home to our Auditorium, Chapel, fine arts classroom spaces, and private studios dedicated to both performing and visual arts. Our Auditorium also hosts professional performances, exhibitions, school assemblies, and film screenings.

Fine Arts Center
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