Adult Enrichment Program

The Adult Enrichment Program is fundamental to Saint Maur’s lifelong learning philosophy by offering our parents and community an opportunity to develop an interest in ongoing study, while also demonstrating to students that education is a constant pursuit.

The program provides participants a wonderful opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and talents within our community. Our hope is that the experience of participating in Adult Enrichment classes will develop closer friendships, a deeper understanding and appreciation of cultural and religious differences, as well as help us to become closer as members of a global community.

The program offers more than 200 different classes and experiences over the year. In 2019-2020, our parents participated in a multitude of fitness classes. With Zumba, Pilates, Aikido, High Intensity Interval Training sessions, Yoga and meditation, the calendar was lined with classes to suit individual fitness goals. Families got together to unleash their creativity while learning Ikebana, Art, Photography, Pottery, Porcelain painting, Singing, Sewing and Crochet and so much more.

The program is a testament to how food brings cultures together. Throughout the year, families gather together over several cooking sessions, sharing recipes from their home countries, teaching and learning new cooking techniques, improving culinary knowledge and skills and above all, encouraging cultural awareness and food appreciation.

Our language conversation classes are a crucial component of the program. Whether you would like to learn Japanese or brush up on your French, Chinese, Spanish or English skills, we have you covered! Our weekly language classes are perfect for providing all the cognitive advantages of acquiring a foreign language.

One of the best ways to enjoy Japan is to embrace its rich culture. Picnic with friends under Sakura trees, dressing up in kimonos and attending tea ceremonies, attempting Furoshiki and Origami and exploring the beautiful shopping streets, there is so much to see and do, each experience made even more enjoyable with friends.

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