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Announcement for Friday, March 20

Saint Maur International School

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Adult Enrichment

The Adult Enrichment Program is fundamental to Saint Maur’s lifelong learning philosophy by offering our parents and community an opportunity to develop an interest in ongoing study, while also demonstrating to students that education is a constant pursuit.

Our tuition-free program provides participants a wonderful opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and talents within our community. Our hope is that the experience of participating in Adult Enrichment classes will develop closer friendships, a deeper understanding and appreciation of cultural and religious differences, as well as help us to become closer as members of a global community.

Popular classes include foreign language conversation skills in English, Spanish, French, & Japanese, Computer, Religion, Nutrition, Ikebana, & Aikido. A variety of cooking classes, including French, Chinese, Polish, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Japanese, and Indian, are also offered annually, as well as a number of educational excursions.

No charge is required to participate in the Adult Enrichment classes. However, when applicable, a small charge may be required to cover the cost of materials, such as flowers, paper for origami, and books. The courses normally run from October to the end of April or mid-May. The schedule for the Adult Enrichment Program for the academic year is usually available by the end of September.

For more information about our schedule of classes, please click here.