Academic Records

If you graduated from Saint Maur International School more than one year ago and you now wish to obtain academic records, including your Final Transcript for your high school years at Saint Maur, here are the procedures which you should follow.

First, you should access the Final Transcript Request Form, by one of two methods:

  1. Send an e-mail to Mrs Yōko Nishide, the School Registrar, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., explaining your request, and she will reply by sending you an attachment with the Form;
  2. Click on this link PDF of the Form. During school vacation periods, please use the second method.

Fill out a separate copy of the Final Transcript Request Form for each university or employer. Double-check that all of the information is complete and accurate. If other documents are required in addition to the academic transcript, explain the requirements exactly. Specify the precise date by which the documents must arrive. Do NOT write “As soon as possible.” If you are over 20 years old, it is not necessary to obtain your parent’s signature.

Return the Form(s) by e-mail to Mrs Nishide, or by Fax (see the Saint Maur school Fax number below), or directly to the Reception Office during regular office hours: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Check the school website for holidays and vacations.

Once she has received the Form and applicable fees (detailed below), Mrs Nishide will send a copy of your Final Transcript to the universities or employers whom you have designated. However, please do not ask for recommendation letters to be sent. The recommendations which were written by your teachers and counselors are only relevant to your achievements during high school. Please ask one of your current professors or employers to write a recommendation for you, if it is required.

For former Saint Maur students who did not graduate from Grade 12, the procedures are exactly the same. However, no transcript has been compiled of your grades. Instead, Mrs Nishide will send official copies of your final June report cards (embossed with the school seal) for each year of high school that you attended Saint Maur.

Please follow these procedures well in advance of the deadlines established by the university or employer. Since Mrs Nishide’s main job as Registrar is to support the applications by current 12th graders, she will be unable to assist you at the last minute, or during the busiest times of the admission cycle. Please submit your Final Transcript Request Forms at least one full month before the deadline. Between November 15 and December 31, no Request Forms will be accepted at all. If you plan to apply by a deadline in January, please complete all these procedures by early November at the latest.

The fee for each Final Trancript Request is ¥1000. In addition, there are postage and handling fees as follows:

  • Within Japan: ¥520 per package
  • Within Asia: ¥1400 per package
  • To North America: ¥2000 per package
  • To Europe: ¥2200 per package
  • Sent as a Fax: ¥100 per page within Japan ¥500 per page overseas
  • Sent as an e-mail attachment: No charge. However, the exact e-mail address and recipient’s name must be specified on the Final Transcript Request Form.

Fees may be paid in cash (in exact change) directly to the Reception Office, for those who are in the Yokohama area.

Alternatively, fees may be remitted to:

Bank of Yokohama, Honmoku Branch
Ordinary Account (futsū yokin) 1374028
Saint Maur International School

Please see the Contact Us page for the school's contact information.

We are grateful to our alumni and other former students for following these procedures, to enable Mrs Nishide to support your future ambitions smoothly and efficiently!