Philosophy & Essential Outcomes

The Saint Maur Essential Outcomes (SMEOs) represent the dispositions we as a faculty and staff hope to instill in each of our students.

These are the five pillars of the philosophy: that members of the school community will seek to live as moral citizens, unique individuals, global citizens, balanced and life-long learners. In classrooms students and teachers collaborate together, do inquiry into subjects that fascinate them, and solve problems together in a democratic fashion.

Balanced Learners

Since students learn effectively when they enjoy the experience, we believe that intellectual, physical and emotional balance is essential to happiness and fulfillment in all aspects of life. In the intellectual domain, we recognize the value inherent in all subject disciplines as well as in the connections which tie these areas of knowledge together. The physical balance necessary for a healthy lifestyle is actively developed through both the curricular and co-curricular programs. In addition, emotional balance is developed through both social learning and spiritual exploration.

Global Citizens

The experiences at Saint Maur give our students a global perspective. The cultural diversity inherent in our school is one of our strengths. Through these, students develop the knowledge, skills and internationally-minded approach necessary to contribute productively to an increasingly interdependent global society.

Lifelong learners

Saint Maur prepares students to embrace the learning process throughout their lives. The entirety of knowledge and skills which students will need to function in an exciting and uncertain future cannot be predicted. Therefore, we develop in students the skills and wisdom necessary to acquire and apply knowledge within a continually evolving, adapting and increasingly technological, global community. As lifelong learners, our students are equipped with the confidence and enthusiasm to face the challenges of a changing world.

Moral Citizens

A fundamental prerequisite of communities in which peace and justice prevail is the recognition of, and empathy for, the rights and needs of others. Saint Maur students work morally and cooperatively with all people, and assume the responsibility required to combat social injustice and environmental issues in the world. Understanding, appreciation and respect for others informs the ethical decision-making framework which students develop as they move through school and into adult life.

Unique Individuals

Saint Maur International School bases its education on the belief that each student is created by God with unique abilities, strengths, talents and ways of knowing and learning. The school is committed to the expression of these to the highest degree possible. The school values these differences and, in so doing, fosters in each student a deep sense of personal worth.