Social Studies Department

We are committed to developing Saint Maur students in becoming inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people through the different subjects and opportunities offered in the Social Studies.

Secondary School

Inspiring a curiosity and fascination in the world around us. 

Geography (Grades 6 and 7)

  • In Secondary School, Social Studies begins with two years of Geography. Students learn about the world’s major countries and their physical and human features. They will understand how geographical processes interact to create distinctive human and physical landscapes that change over time. In doing so, they should become aware of increasingly complex geographical systems in the world around them, including right here in Japan. 

World History (Grades 8, 9 and 10)

  • World History is taught in Secondary School over the course of three years, starting in Grade 8 and culminating at the end of Grade 10. There is the further option of continuing the study of History at the IB level in Grades 11 and 12.
  • At Saint Maur we are proud of our three-year World History curriculum that begins in Grade 8. Over the duration of the course, students will study and learn about societies, people, events and ideas across the ancient, medieval and modern worlds.
  • IGCSE History is not offered at Saint Maur. Our curriculum is designed with the demographic of our students in mind: with many students from Japan, the rest of Asia as well as all over the world, we believe that students should have the opportunity to know more about their local, national and regional histories - something that would be much more difficult to achieve given the syllabus content in the IGCSE which is heavily Europe-focused.
  • Students will be taught to think critically, develop analytical and argumentative writing skills, analyze historical sources, and develop historical inquiry and thinking skills that will prepare them for continued study in the Social Studies area.

Social Studies in the IB (Grades 11 and 12)

At Saint Maur, students may choose to study one or two Social Studies subjects at the IB level, depending on their choices in other subject areas. Currently on offer are:

  • IB Economics
  • IB History
  • IB Psychology
  • International Relations (non-IB course)

Outside the classroom

Saint Maur students have many opportunities to pursue their interests outside the classroom through extra curricular clubs and activities and school excursions. 

  • Excursions
    • The Social Studies department currently runs a number of excursions throughout the Kanto region such as day trips to Kamakura, historical walking tours of Yokohama and visits to the Tokyo Stock Exchange. These excursions are designed to dovetail with what students are currently studying in the classroom to enhance their learning. 


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