French and Spanish Department

Teaching global citizens a language that will make a difference

From making new friends to ethical questions

Our strong language acquisition program runs from early middle school to Grade 12. Students are thoroughly prepared for the IGCSE, IB and internal exams, while we never lose sight of the fact that languages are powerful communication tools; crucial in the life of young global citizens. Students embark on their linguistic, cultural  journey by learning the basic communication tools needed in daily life, setting the foundation for more demanding work in Grades 11 and 12 where we develop thinking skills in the target language. 



The team of four native speakers (Spain, Colombia, Québec and France) add a cultural dimension to language learning. It is not all grammar and vocabulary! Students can expect cooking classes, cultural excursions and regular use of multimedia platforms. Firmly grounded in the digital era, the department use Google Classroom and web-based course books, appealing to young, digital learners and providing an interactive, immersive experience.


A rewarding experience with concrete outcomes

Students are taught in small groups, allowing for quality, differentiated learning. Successes are celebrated in and out of class and culminate at the end of the school year with the awarding of four Linguists of the Year prizes. In an ever-expanding global society, graduates reap the benefits of studying a world language as early as University applications. We currently have graduates in Spain (Universidad de Navarra), France (Science Po) and Québec (Mc Gill University).