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Online Learning

Our school has developed a robust online learning environment that ensures the continuation of learning for all grade levels when access to school is not possible.

Quality Education, Whatever the Circumstances

Saint Maur is at the forefront of online learning

Starting from the day the school closed as a result of the Covid-19 crisis, an extensive online learning program was initiated across all grade levels, from Montessori pre-school to Grade 12, ensuring that all students were able to complete their curriculum and major assignments. Strong from this experience, the school is now leading in the implementation of online learning in a constantly changing environment.


Creativity and resourcefulness

Online teaching is diverse and adapted to the needs of each child

Differentiation is a core value of our school, and it remains at the center of our approach to online learning. Our teachers are given freedom to experiment and implement different approaches in order to meet the needs of each child at all grade levels.


Recognizing the importance of off-screen time

With the pursuit of balancing students’ online learning, our Elementary School Principal sends out a weekly task that fosters creativity and encourages students to take time off their screens. In addition to the weekly Principal’s Challenge and a PE challenge, students receive online assignments allowing them to learn whilst being innovative in the creation of their projects.


Blogs & Online Showcases to Support Students

Across the school, all homeroom and specialist teachers have set up blogs and several valuable online resources to ensure that students are supported. Resources such as RazKids, Khan Academy, StoryBoard, Seesaw and ClassDojo enable teachers to offer differentiated student learning and track individual learning outcomes.

Google Classroom

Just like at school, we follow up on class work, submissions, and assessment.

Just like in school, students are assigned a wide range of tasks, and are able to receive timely feedback and assessment, all in one central, paperless location.


Physical Education

Our team of movement specialists ensures that students are able to have physical activity on a weekly basis and keep developing balance, coordination, flexibility and athletic skills.

We aim to meet the high demand for future computer scientists. The instruction of robotics fundamentals at Saint Maur begins at Grade 3 and introductory computer science and graphical programming begins at Grade 6.

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