By facilitating the integration of technology into our community, the Saint Maur Technology Department provides vital 21st century learning and teaching tools for use both inside and outside the classroom.

Diverse Exposure

Saint Maur does not limit its students to one device or operating system.

We have a multi-faceted technological environment where students are encouraged to learn many techniques on a variety of platforms. As any engineer or computer scientist will tell you, succeeding in their discipline requires a broad knowledge of many different technologies. Therefore, we host a balanced environment of Macs, PCs, and mobile platforms.

Latest and Greatest

The Technology Department keeps all equipment on a short replacement cycle which ensures that students, faculty, and staff are always using the latest, most advanced hardware available.

Software contracts and licenses are also evaluated annually, so that students and faculty are always learning on the most relevant platforms and software.

Quality Education, Whatever the Circumstances

Saint Maur is at the forefront of online learning

Starting from the day the school closed as a result of the Covid-19 crisis, an extensive online learning program was initiated across all grade levels, from Montessori pre-school to Grade 12, ensuring that all students were able to complete their curriculum and major assignments. Strong from this experience, the school is now leading in the implementation of online learning in a constantly changing environment.


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While many schools emphasize using software, the Saint Maur Technology Department emphasizes creating it.

We aim to meet the high demand for future computer scientists. The instruction of robotics fundamentals at Saint Maur begins at Grade 3 and introductory computer science and graphical programming begins at Grade 6.


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