High School

The High School at Saint Maur consists of Grades 9 through 12. The academic program prepares students to enter universities and colleges in English-speaking countries around the world, while the extra-curricular program provides various ways for students to develop their personal interests and talents further.

Academic Program

Saint Maur has high academic expectations of its students, and all courses help them to develop the foundation they will need to succeed in further education and their careers. Our rigorous graduation requirements, which set higher academic expectations than at most comparable high schools, ensure that all students take an appropriate load of college-preparatory courses each year. External exams, which include IB, IGCSE, PSAT, and SAT, recognize students’ academic ability and achievement.

International General Certificate of Secondary Education

Students in Grades 9 and 10 take courses that prepare them for the exams in many of the subjects provided by the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). This is operated by the University of Cambridge and is the most widespread international curriculum for Grades 9 and 10 in the world. Students gain valuable and rigorous learning experiences to prepare themselves to enter the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program in Grade 11.

International Baccalaureate

In Grade 11, all students enter the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. As all courses offered are IB courses (with one exception), all students are considered IB Course Candidates. Students who have the appropriate academic qualifications to fulfill the requirements of the Full Diploma program have the choice to register for it. The IB is the most rigorous and widely recognized curriculum in the world, and is highly regarded by the most competitive universities worldwide. Students can choose six subjects from the 22 offered at Saint Maur and study them in small classes with personal teacher attention. After completing IB exams, students can use their scores for advanced placement and college credit in university.

Student Life


Each Saint Maur High School student is a member of a homeroom, with between 24 and 40 classmates and two homeroom teachers and one or two advisory teachers. The homeroom teachers and advisors provide pastoral care and act as advocates and intermediaries for their students. Although students in the same grade take different courses with small class numbers, they all interact socially within their homeroom, as they plan for special events and class projects throughout the year. The homeroom is designed to be a social center while at school, where each student has an individual desk and storage space. Students meet daily with their homeroom teachers and form a strong mutual bond.


The low student-teacher ratio at Saint Maur (8:1) means that students can always find a teacher to ask for advice on academic or personal matters. All subject teachers are available during lunch time and after classes, while the After-School Academic Support program, available every day, enables students to receive additional help when they need it (for no extra fee.)

Moreover, a professionally qualified psychologist is always on campus as School Counselor, and the administrators at each level are actively involved in all student affairs. Older students are guided towards university admission by a team of two counselors and an administrator who work individually with each student.


Saint Maur follows a two-week cycle, with six class periods per day, of 55 minutes each. This provides maximum flexibility for timetabling all of the courses offered to students, while allowing sufficient time for in-depth lessons and constructivist education.

Learning Support

Beyond having instruction differentiated within the classroom, students who are struggling or need additional strategies and interventions receive academic assistance with in a number of ways including After School Academic Support, one-on-one paid tutoring and/or our Learning Support Program.


All Saint Maur High School students go on excursions, ranging from day trips to locations in the Tōkyō-Yokohama area, to overnight trips further away. The main purpose of all of these excursions is educational, and most are directly linked to the curriculum that students are studying so that teachers can expand their experiences outside the classroom. Grade 12 students take a three-day Senior Trip within Japan before their graduation.

Days of Reflection

Students in each High School grade participate in an annual off-campus Day of Reflection. These days are coordinated by the Head of Religion and are related to the Saint Maur Essential Outcomes. Students are involved in a variety of tasks and exercises to raise their awareness of world issues, in a relaxed atmosphere, where different styles of teaching and learning help to make an enriching experience for everyone.