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At Saint Maur, we believe athletics is fundamental to developing our students’ mind, body, and spirit.

While we believe that physical activity is important for every student, we also recognize that levels of interest, development, and ability vary from student to student. Saint Maur encourages all students to vary their extracurricular experiences in order to enhance diversity in learning.

We schedule all sports and fine arts activities to take place on different days and times, therefore, students are able to take maximum advantage of the opportunities available to them. Saint Maur organizes most of its athletic events and competitions through participation in the Kanto Plains Association of Secondary School Principals (KPASSP), an organization of international and U.S. Military-dependent schools.

In our Elementary program, students participate in physical education classes throughout the school day and have after-school sports options to develop skills in areas such as soccer, basketball, gymnastics, Kendo, volleyball, circuit training/fitness, floor and field hockey, handball, kickball or t-ball and group games.
Middle School students participate in mandatory physical education classes, and have extracurricular team, individual, and club sports options that emphasize teamwork, commitment, and sportsmanship. Cross Country Running, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, and Tennis are among the athletic possibilities for Middle School boys and girls.

High School students who are seeking greater skill development in a team sport have many extracurricular possibilities available to them. High School girls and boys sports include Volleyball, Cross Country Running, Soccer, and Basketball.

Directory of Local Sport Clubs

When first arriving in Yokohama, many of you may have asked around in order to find a judo master, a horseback riding club or some other sport facility your child/ren had enjoyed back home and wished to continue. We understand that sometimes such information has been hard to obtain.

With the help of parents, it is our aim to better serve the needs of our community at large by compiling a directory of local sport clubs and facilities. If you know of other sport clubs/facilities not listed in the directory and are willing to share this information, please fill in this survey. The survey is free and easy to fill in and your input will appear in the directory within one or two days.

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