Elementary School

Welcome to Saint Maur International School where we seek to develop the full potential of each child, irrespective of ability and knowledge of English, not only academically, but also morally, spiritually, creatively, practically, and socially, and to build self-esteem, tolerance, sensitivity, awareness, and an appreciation of people and their differences.

Academic Program

At the forefront of all learning at Saint Maur International School are our Saint Maur Essential Outcomes that embody the essence of the kind of people we want our students to become. We strive to instil habits of practice and mind to enable our students to become Moral Citizens, Unique Individuals, Global Citizens, Balanced Learners and Lifelong Learners.

At Saint Maur, learning through inquiry forms an integral part of our students' every day lives and is interwoven throughout the learning each and every day. The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) forms the base of our learning in History, Science, Social Studies and Geography, and we use this base as a springboard for developing engaging and rigorous learning.

The Reader's and Writer's Workshop, and The Daily 5 in the younger years, aim to develop proficient readers and writers who are also deep thinkers. The workshop model allows students to progress at their own pace whilst being held to high standards. 

Inquiry continues in our Mathematics teaching and learning using Investigations curriculum. Investigations, aligned with the Common Core, develops not only computational skills but deeper conceptual understandings that enable students to articulate mathematical concepts with accuracy and detail.

Our Elementary curricular program includes Language Arts, Structured Word Inquiry, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Japanese, English as an Additional Language, Religious Studies, PSHE (Personal, Social, & Health Education), Technology, Art, General, Vocal & Instrumental Music, Grade 5 Band, Physical Education, Maker Space, and Library Skills.

In welcoming parents and families to Saint Maur all are invited to become active members of our school community. Parents are always welcome to come in and speak with our teachers, see what learning is happening and ask your burning questions. Lifelong learning is encouraged and embraced by all. 

Student Life


In Elementary School students spend the majority of the day with their homeroom teacher. In homeroom classes students and teachers work collaboratively to create a positive classroom environment, develop their interpersonal skills and practice their teamwork and problem solving skills.

In addition to students learning with their homeroom teacher, we also expose students to a range of regularly scheduled specialist subjects taught by qualified teachers.

Learning Support

English as an Additional Language (EAL) in the elementary international section provides push-in and/or pull-out support for students who have been identified as beginning language learners. The lessons are tailored to students’ language needs and focus on their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. The aim is to assist students in accessing the curriculum and to cope with the language demands in his or her respective grade.

Specialists from our Student Support team, including Learning Support teachers also work individually with students, parents and teachers to provide support for students who may require additional assistance with their learning, or for students who may have a minor learning difference.


In Elementary School, each grade takes part in some exciting field trips throughout the year which are valuable learning experiences linked into our IPC units of study. Some of the most recent trips include visits to Apple, the Mitsubishi Museum, Morinaga Chocolate Factory, & the Ueno Science Museum.


A wide range of extracurricular/club activities are offered at all levels of the Elementary School as a means of achieving our whole school philosophy of producing well-rounded students. Clubs offered focus on athletic activities, dance, drama, Lego, crafts, arts, cooking, woodworking, robotics, and martial arts, to name a few. The costs of participating in the majority of activities are covered within the school fee structure; however, some activities/clubs are offered at additional costs to cover transportation, equipment, materials, etc. Elementary Clubs are offered on Monday, Tuesday (sports emphasis), Thursday and Friday afternoons from 3:30 to 4:30 pm.