Tuition Fees

Here are the various fees for the academic year 2024 - 2025.

Tuition Terms

  • No refunds will be made for withdrawals during the course of the half-year payment periods, i.e. August to December and January to June.

  • First payment should be made by May 31, 2024.

  • Second payment should be made by November 29, 2024.

  • Regarding late payments, an overdue fee of 2% per month will be added on an accrual basis.

  • Applications can be processed only upon receipt of the non-refundable Application Fee.

  • Only the Application Fee can be paid via online payment.

  • The Registration Fee is non-refundable, even in the event the applicant withdraws his/her application or acceptance of a place.  It should be paid within 5 working days for applicants within Japan, and within 10 working days for applicants abroad.  Only upon receipt of the Registration Fee can a placement be reserved and guaranteed.

  • All fees should be paid in Japanese Yen.

  • All school fees should be paid by the due dates indicated on the invoice sent by the school Accounting Office.

  • Except for the payment of the Application Fee, which may be paid by cash in person, school fees should be remitted into the designated school account via bank transfer.* All bank charges must be absorbed by the remitter.

  • Late payments 30 days or longer overdue will automatically incur a 2% per month penalty fee on an accrual basis.

  • Places are guaranteed only if payment is received on time according to the date indicated on the invoice.

  • Returning students with outstanding accounts from the previous year will not be enrolled, nor be issued new invoices for the following year until all unpaid fees are settled. Places cannot be guaranteed for such students for the following year.

  • The issuance of an invoice does not signify automatic acceptance/return of the student to Saint Maur International School, nor promotion/acceptance into the grade indicated. In some cases, a school placement, promotion or acceptance for the new academic year can be determined only after a student’s final grades have been finalized, or after specifically stipulated requirements are met.

  • New students whose school fees for admission/enrollment have not been paid in full by the deadline indicated on invoice(s) may have their acceptance/enrollment revoked by the school.

  • School fees are payable in one lump sum, or two installments. If for a valid reason this is not possible, a formal written request to pay in multiple installments should be made to the School Head and an application form supplied by the school Accounting Office should be requested, filled out and duly submitted.

  • For students entering during the course of a semester, the annual tuition may be prorated according to academic quarters. The full amount charged per quarter must be paid for attendance during any portion of the quarter.

  • Students withdrawing during the course of a semester will be requested to pay the entire amount for the semester. (This applies even in the case where installment payment of school fees has been granted.)

  • Fees for textbooks, external examinations such as IB, IGCSE, PSAT, and school medical examinations are included in the tuition fees.

  • Additional fees for special tutoring, comprehensive examinations, retaking or taking extra external examinations, special needs evaluation, optional excursions/activities, etc. may be charged as required.

  • Uniform and cafeteria charges are separately paid by parents.

  • In order for the school to make adequate and realistic short and long term plans, a non-refundable Reservation Fee is charged for students who are uncertain, by the designated deadline, as to whether or not they will be returning to Saint Maur International School for the following academic year. An Intent Form with pertinent information and instructions is sent out to all families during the second semester.

  • Families with serious outstanding accounts may be denied school attendance for their children until such accounts are settled. School documents, the right for parents/guardians to attend conferences with teachers, etc. may be withheld or revoked until such time that their financial obligations are met in full.

  • Should a disaster occur necessitating school closure for the safety of students/staff, the school will be unable to guarantee makeup time/days, or make reimbursement of tuition.