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Announcement for Friday, March 20

Saint Maur International School

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External events hosted at Saint Maur International School

Presentation : Japan and the outside world: A revisited history

Saturday 9th September 2017 from 16:00 to 18:00 at the Saint Maur Auditorium

Despite the fact that the book is written in French, Pierre Sevaistre will guide you in English through the complex relations that Japan had with other nations through his extensive research of Japanese sources and research studies. On one hand, the author will analyse how the often violent contacts with the West forced Japan to evolve in directions that were not initially imagined or chosen, and on the other hand, he will explain how all these events allow us to shed light on the revisionism of entire blocks of the actual politicians in power. To accomplish this, the author will retrace the first Portuguese contacts with Japan and Christianity in Japan in the fifteenth century, and will continue with the ensuing two centuries of self-imposed isolation, until forced renewed contact with the outside world precipitates the Meiji era. The Second World War, followed by the American occupation, are not without ambiguity and reinforced some pro-western tendencies, but also reinforced some very Japan-specific and traditional movements and shaped some fundamental issues such as war and democracy. The Japanese today: shall we consider them today as homo-sapiens or homo-japonicus ?

More information on the event's page HERE.