Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu



  • Mr Matsumoto


  • Fridays, 3:30 to 4:30


  • Upper Recreation Hall


  • Grade 4 to 5

Maximum capacity:

  • 16 students

Attitude and Physical Control:

There is a high element of risk as BJJ is an effective form of self-defense that is largely based upon grappling.  Grappling is a great form of rough and tumble play that must be coupled with the right attitude and level of control by its participants.  Otherwise, it is just rough and tumble which can cause serious injury.

  • Attitude: Students need to be mature enough to be able to focus and follow directions, etc and empathize with their partner.  A student must have discipline during the sessions and pledge never to try it out on others ‘just for fun’.
  • Physical Control: It is understandable that students will have varying degrees of physical control of their own bodies.  Practicing BJJ will assist in their growth in this area.  As an entry point, students must be able to reasonably control their bodies especially if they have a larger physique.  It is not a prerequisite to be athletic or physically strong to practice BJJ, but because of the physical nature of grappling, ‘throwing one’s weight around’ haphazardly without any control is a recipe for injury. 

Students will be guided and attended to in their participation to increase their abilities in both of these areas. Should a student pose an inappropriate safety risk to the other members of the club, a discussion will be had with the parent to share concerns.  For the safety and enjoyment of all involved, if sufficient improvement in awareness is not gained and exhibited, Mr Matsumoto may ask a student to leave the club and the student will need to consider rejoining, if possible, at a later date.

As grappling is a close contact activity that is aerobic, wearing a mask will be optional, not required.


White BJJ or Judo gi and white belt (Amazon has affordable BJJ gi’s for Kids)

Kid’s Program: 500 yen*