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Celebrating 16 Years Since the Foundation of Our French School 'École Française' at Saint Maur International School

Celebrating 16 Years Since the Foundation of Our French School 'École Française' at Saint Maur International School

Every child's educational journey is a unique adventure, and at Saint Maur International School in Yokohama, we've been offering individual learning experiences since 1872. Rooted in a commitment to providing excellent education to international families while honouring our French heritage, we established our integrated French School 'École Française'. Founded in August 2007, the French School at Saint Maur was born from the aspiration to meet the needs of the ever-growing community of French and French-speaking families in the region.

Personalised Learning & Following the French Curriculum

At the heart of our French School's success lies a commitment to tailored education. Our classes are designed for small numbers, ensuring personalized attention that fosters optimal learning outcomes. From kindergarten to CM2, our differentiated learning approach caters to each child's unique strengths and learning style.

Our curriculum is built on the solid foundation of French National Education Programs, ensuring that our students receive an education that offers a smooth transition back to the French education system, while being internationally recognised. Our qualified and experienced French teachers bring their expertise to the classroom, fostering a rich learning environment where curiosity thrives.

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In multi-level classes, a qualified teacher guides our students through a learning journey that's both collaborative and individualized. This approach encourages students to learn from each other, building a strong sense of community and mutual support.

A Blend of Excellence

Bilingual Learning For our youngest learners, our Kindergarten follows the Montessori method, engaging them in a holistic approach to learning. While Montessori classes are conducted in English, daily French language sessions are offered for pupils in their final year of kindergarten who decide to join our Ecole Française, to ignite linguistic growth and cultural appreciation from an early age.

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As students transition to Elementary School, they continue their journey through the French education system, with selected lessons and activities conducted in English within our International Section. This bilingual approach shapes global citizens who are adept in both French and English, offering them a competitive edge in an increasingly interconnected world. Approximately 20% of school time is dedicated to English instruction, including music education and physical activities.

Embark on the Journey with Us

Our legacy of educational excellence combined with our tailored approach to learning makes us the ideal choice for families seeking a French educational journey within an international school community.

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Discover a school where French traditions blend seamlessly with global perspectives, preparing our students to become moral, engaged, and global citizens.

Get in touch with our Admissions team today and join our French School at Saint Maur International School in Yokohama!


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