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Inauguration Ceremony for the High School Student Council

With the changing of the Season in Japan came the changing of the High School Student Council (HSSC) Executive group. Yesterday Saint Maur brought back a long standing tradition of the Inauguration Ceremony for the High School Student Council.

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Although this was unable to be attended in person due to COVID, each of the High School homerooms watched on from their classrooms, to thank the outgoing Executive group for their service over the last year. They handed over symbolic items (gavel- President and Vice-President , money box - Treasure and Archival Meet Notes- Secretary) to the newly appointed President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary.

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The event also welcomed the Saint Maur Anthem that was showcased during the extended online period two years ago in Nov 2020 and was a wonderful way to continue the new year at Saint Maur with positivity. As we move forward through this academic year, the new executive group will lead the current HSSC (2021/22) and next (2022/23) until it is their turn to pass on the symbols to the new generation of leaders. We look forward to seeing all they achieve and wish them well in their endeavours.


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