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The Kanto Plain Student Council (KPSC) comprises all executive council members of the Kanto Plains Association of Secondary Schools (KPASS). This year, the KPSC is using the council as a platform for communicating with other schools to improve our individual communities.

 In order to promote this, the KPSC has been offering informational webinar sessions to help students with their future academic paths. In doing so, the KPSC has been featuring alumni from KPASS schools to help current high school students through not only their university application process, but also to help better inform them about career choices. These webinars are casual, hour long Q&A sessions, in which the alumni first introduce themselves, and then the time remaining is dedicated to answering questions that the participating students may have.  Saint Maur alumni have been featured in our Computer Science and Japanese universities webinars, and more of our alumni will be featured in future sessions. We are currently planning three to four more webinars during the current school year, and we hope to continue such events into the next school year as well for the benefit of all KPASS students.

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