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Two Grade 10 Students Raise Awareness and Donate to Charity

Two of the Grade 10 students at Saint Maur International School have initiated a charity project in December 2020 and collected donations of cash and sanitary products for women who are homeless or receive a low income and therefore lack access to feminine hygiene products.

Thanks to the generous donations received from members across the whole Saint Maur community, students have collected and donated about $600 to the non-profit organization Dignity Matters, as well as one huge box and two smaller boxes worth of sanitary products. The donations will go to women and girls who are homeless or disadvantaged, in order to help them stay healthy, regain self-confidence, and live with basic dignity. The Grade 10 students chose this cause as it's a serious issue that is not commonly addressed and often forgotten about. In addition to raising awareness within the Saint Maur school community, the two students managed to quadruple their original fundraising goal, which is an outstanding achievement!


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