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Grade 8 Students Introduce Our Cleaning Staff to Express Appreciation

The Grade 8 Japanese B class students completed a special project, expressing their appreciation to the cleaning staff at Saint Maur International School.

As staff and students, we see them around the campus every day, but due to language barriers, most of us still don't know our cleaning staff very well. As we truly appreciate the hard work that they put in while always welcoming us with a smile whenever we see them around school, the Japanese class students decided that it was time to introduce them and applied their language skills to break barriers.


The Grade 8 students first interviewed the cleaning staff and then created profiles for each staff member, outlining their hobbies, previous jobs and messages for all students. The profiles are now displayed between the High School and Middle School corridors, and teachers and other students passing by can take a moment to read through the profiles to get to know our cleaning staff better. This academic year truly is the year of kindness and consideration!


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