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The First Ever Online High School Brain Bowl

The First Ever Online High School Brain Bowl

The year 2020 has brought to us many unexpected changes that has led to flexible solutions in how we host events while ensuring that everyone is safe.

The teachers from participating schools had hours of online meetings to discuss every detail of how Brain Bowl should be run this year...and finally on the 8th of October 2020, we were able to connect via Google meets to participate in the first ever online High school Brain Bowl competition!


Each student was connected to the game rooms via their own computers, listened to the questions using their headphones and answered using their microphones. We also adopted an online buzzer system to ensure the students in a different part of the Kanto plain had a fair and equal chance to answer questions.

The Saint Maurteam did their best to answer as many questions they could. Sometimes, they were not lucky enough to buzz in before a student from other schools. Initially, our school was one of the top contenders, but in the end, we came in the fifth place with 315 points.

Congratulations to three Saint Maur students in Grade 11 and 12 who were awarded the All Star award.

Brain Bowl Team


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