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Beauty & The Beast: The Largest Production in Saint Maur History

The weekend of November 29th and 30th was a truly memorable one for the Saint Maur community. The Fine Arts Department presented its production of "Beauty and the Beast" at three performances to over 600 audience members.

This was an immense collaborative effort between the Art, Music and Drama Departments which involved 67 students, 7 teachers and a former teacher as a guest cellist. Featuring a live orchestra of almost 20 students and a huge ensemble cast, this was one of the largest productions in Saint Maur history. Audiences members rewarded each performance with standing ovations and several people commented on the almost Broadway-like quality of the show. A huge congratulations to all the cast, crew and musicians involved. An additional massive thanks to the PSG for enhancing the ambience with their decorations, outfits and refreshments.